Day 2- January 2nd 2011


End result of Double page spread


Day 2- Zebra Zendoddle and then cut it up!


~ part 1 create a Zendoodle Zebra Mandala
~ part 2 print the zendoodle mandala in various sizes ..chop it up and get creative

First of all I had to find out what a “Zendoodle” was and here is the definition:

The name Zentangle has been coined to describe a particular style of doodling that focusses on repetitive patterns, whereas zendoodles can be more loose and free-flowing without an obvious connection to each other. Zendalas are based on the central theme of the mandala, a circle as a starting point for zendoodling or zentangle patterns. is a website that have pioneered this particular named art form out of the realm of doodling

 Milliande supplied a Zebra Printable that we were free to use if we wanted and so I did and here is how I played

Mandala decorated
Background double pages ready to go.
Close up of Title page
Detail of one of the Zebra

For this project I used: 

  • Milliande’s printed Mandala
  • Water colour crayons
  • Acrylic paints
  • Gesso
  • Sharpie pens
For more ideas on playing with this prompt see Milliande’s site.



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