Why a Blog?

I was chatting with a good friend of mine, we always catch up and gossip about art and life and kids and “stuff” and I was telling her about my art journal and how I had been journalling something everyday and she suggested that I start an Art Blog, and that I could add links to where I’d learnt what I’d done that day and maybe even add youtube clips and all kinds of different things.
So I came home and thought about it and decided that “YES!” I’d take her advice because I’ve been doing at least one journal page a day sometimes more and at least weekly and I could start a little journal online about what I’ve done that day and how I did it and share some of the ideas I had.

Possibly people might reply and share another better or just different idea on that theme. So here I am.
I’m going to back track to Day one.
1st January 2011- Milliande started a page a day Journal prompt and each day she would add a prompt and a video and we would all watch the video and then interperate it in our own way. So I decided to join in and in the next posting you’ll see how I played along, but first here is the link to Millande’s site.



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