Day 13- January 13th 2011

On day 13- Milliande said: Enough of the Zebra– my Muse is no longer wishing to think about Zebra’s 🙂
So I have decided to let her play at will … and see what fun she can come up with ..
NOTE:After 13 Days of constant journal keeping ..I am again intrigued by my own process .. I don’t ever plan or set out knowing what my art journal page will become.

So the challenge then was to see what Milliande would ask us to do each day- without Zebra I kind of cheated because I kept a little bit of Zebra going right through the month of January even past Milliande’s stopping day in day 24. MY MUSE wasn’t finished with Zebra.

~ create an art journal page — start with one pen/aquabrush/ paintbrush line and let is ” walk over the page … If it wants to go straight go straight ..if it wants to skip skip … if it wants to twirl twirl … take a moment to breathe before you start…release any expectations …and then fill the page with a walking line

~ ” Find Shapes in the line walk pattern” .. let your eyes gaze over the linewalk pattern and try and see images, shapes that resonate and want to be part of a figure, a recognisable shape, a horse, a flower, an animal etc …explore and expand these shapes until they take on an identity of their own …then creatively elaborate the background to suit the found shapes

So I was away at our holiday place and unable to access Milliande’s webpage so I was checking in on my mobile phone and this is how I played

Day 13- Taking a Line for a walk!

Finished Double page spread


Eye spy……

Eye Spy with my little yellow Eye.

Kissable lips!

And doesn’t she have kissable lips?!

For this project I used:

  • Gel Pens
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Lettering stencil


For more Journal prompts or ideas visit Milliande’s site:



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