Day 30- 30th January 2011

Island Dreaming

Ok, so I gave up. I did well to get this far. I did do something on this day but it’s not got any titles or any Zebra. I was feeling Island Fever-ish. Sick of being home and wanting to go back to the Rarotongan hideaway and so I created this little gem!

So this represents me, I know I have to work on my faces but until I did Tam’s class I couldn’t even do a face at all, so this one’s not too bad. I miss the coconut palms and the beach at my front balcony.

Coconut Palm trees

I can still hear that humid breeze swishing through the palms now as I type.. oh hold on that’s the Air conditioner!!

Black Pearl

And here I am wearing the Black Pearl that I have not gotten yet because it’s for our Wedding anniversary but I know what it looks like because I chose it. I didn’t get one of the expensive perfectly round, seamlessly smooth one, I picked one that had flaws and it was multicoloured under the black and it was not quite round but it was none the less beautiful and my husband was shocked that I picked “an ugly pearl” and I said it was just like me, colourful, and odd-shaped and different and it suited me just fine the sales lady agreed!!


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