Day 6- January 6th 2011

My title page Many different layers, paint, collage, gesso, sharpie, white paint penEnd result for "millipede me" loved this challenge!

 Milliande – Day 6 – Millipede Me

Today we were given the legs as a print out from Milliande and told to create a Millipede. Sometimes when i am given a task an idea pops straight into my head and this is one such day. I knew that I could label the different parts of me, and so I tried to make them all different. I even cut up a photo of me to make it look more “me”

Yes that’s my head!

I cut out someone else’s body this piece had lots of different elements and I loved adding them all.

Some of my “body”

Each body represented a different piece of me and so I tried to make them all different, colours and textures.

For this project I used:

  • scrap papers for the background
  • gesso
  • white paint pen
  • glue and LOTS of it
  • clear gel medium
  • Milliande’s print out of legs
  • magazines for the pictures and body pieces
  • Sharpie pens
  • a photo of me for the Main body
  • Balloon stickers

For more ideas visit Milliande site: