The Art Studio


“how do I feel today?”

I’ve just found another ning group and I’ve joined and it’s called “The Art studio” and one of the first groups on that site I joined was called ” Sketch book habit group”

So I joined that because I enjoy learning new techniques and experimenting.

Day one was “Habit forming”

We had to draw some squares and think about “How do I feel?” and without lifting the pencil from the paper within the squares do a doodle with that question in mind “How do I feel?”

once we’d filled both pages with squares or any shape I guess I used different shapes, we were to look at each square and see if we could pick out anything and go over that with a sharpie pen or something like that.

I see my “muse” is still slightly into her Zebra phase!

So the idea is to journal something every day for 21 days to get us into the Habit of using our Art journal, and though I use mine 6 out of 7 days I sometimes feel like a little prompt or push in a direction would be helpful and so I’m happy that I joined the site and found this group.

The pink page was a left over one I was testing out some paints for back grounds it was not supposed to be a colour but I didn’t mind using one pink and one white page.

You can find out more about this group by visiting  Suzette’s group at:



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