Week 6- Evoking the Seed

Week Six – Pain

Our brief was to try to include a Mermaid into our piece.

Well right away this one popped into my head.

Double page spread

 This one almost created itself I was most surprised at how easily this piece came about. I even made the fish-hook to pierce the heart!


 The one thing I keep saying I can’t do is Poetry, I’ve never been good at making things rhyme, but these words just flowed;



It doesn’t rhyme I know and I tried to make it so but I decided that these were the words My “Muse” wanted out so I let ’em out.

For more information or to see Carol’s site- ladies only please  go to: http://alittlegoddessinall.ning.com

2 thoughts on “Week 6- Evoking the Seed

  1. Oh, I love it when the creativity flows and pieces develop quickly, almost as a surprise! I like how this one came together. Just came over from Gisela’s facebook page, I’ll be back!

    • Hello Kate
      thanks for visiting, I’ll be putting up stuff most days so I’ll look forward to you coming back to visit again. You’re my FIRST comment, so thank you!!

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