Inside every head

Sometimes you find art ideas in the strangest places.

I was reading a book by Don Miguel Ruiz and it was called “Toltec Wisdom” and one line of the book I read was “inside every head there is a world” and I had an immediate picture of my head cut open and things flying out. “What would be inside my head?” I wondered. So I quickly got a sketch book and started scribbling down ideas. Now as some of you might have seen in recent postings I am not good at drawing heads or people so how to overcome that? I printed off a picture of myself and then cut it! yes cut the op of my head open to allow the “world inside” to escape on to the page.

I made it into a journal entry a single page spread and then I started to gather my supplies.

  • glue of course
  • cut out images of things to represent my world
  • my printed photo
  • then because it was looking dull, glitter paints!

So here is the final result which I love!

look at what was inside my head!

I wonder what you’d find inside your head if you took up the challenge of this prompt. I’d love to know. And where do you find your inspiration? a song line? a poem? a book? or just your thoughts.


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