Heart, Art & Healing course- week 2- Altering a board book

So for week two Tam said:

Week 2.
Art techniques: Altering a Board Book – Acrylics Transfer & Creating Whimsies
Healing Focus: Healing childhood trauma/ Honouring the Self

This was the fun bit we learnt how to draw “whimsies” and I loved those. We also learnt how to transfer a photo of ourself onto another surface. It had to be a baby photo

Here is the Original photo


here is the finished piece

So as you can see (faintly) I got the photo of me onto the background, I missed some steps about painting and preparing the back ground, but I used Acrylic paints and water-colour pastels.
We had to make a list of things that we would tell our younger self if we had the chance and so I typed those up and cut them out and pasted them on. I’m not going to go into the details of the acrylic transfer it was a bit tricky and I’m sure I’d mess it up so please visit Tam’s site and course and learn this step it was a new experience for me and not one I did well.

Overall I was happy with how this page turned out. I might have done things different now but back then I was working with the wrong equipment. It’s all good I can go back and re-do it at any time I guess.

So that was that page and then we learnt to draw Whimsies and that’s a whole other page.


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