Heart, Art &Healing course- Week 3- Cover, Celebration page and Empathy Monstar

Celebrating ME- cover

So Again, I learnt new skills to use this week when we had to make the swing tag with a special quote, decorate the cover with an “altered” photo of ourselves, more new skills. and then put all the elements together, I’m happy with how this turned out.

For the Celebration page we had to focus on good things that we could celebrate about our lives.

Celebration page

So we made a list of things, typed them up on the computer and printed them out, decorated the background and added more photos, I al always celebrating the fact that I am a Mother of five and so I had to add my kids and I celebrate friendships so I added this photo of my friend and cousin and I.

Final book

Then this was the finished products, there are extra pages waiting to be filled but Tam thought that we knew enough that we could make up our own pages and I am going to turn one of mine into a travel page. I’ve started preparing the background with letters and book pages that I am recycling.
The second part of Week 3- was to make an Empathy Monstar (yes I am spelling it wrong, but mine monster is a STAR!)
I loved this bit, I’ve always loved to sew and so any excuse to get onto my sewing machine is a good day. He took very little time at all and I changed him, which is OK, because no two in the course looked the same, just as they shouldn’t since we all have our own energy to put into a piece of work.

With a tail!

because around here I am called “Kimmy Kitten” I added a tail and made mine look “cat like” it was supposed to be a “zippered” mouth so that you could unzip the mouth and fill it up with stuff and then it keeps your secrets, I didn’t have a zipper.


Monstar turned out so cute that all the kids want one now. so I’m thinking they should all have their own little friend who will  always keep their secrets! I’ll alter the pattern slightly so that it’s a bit different that Tam’s pattern.
Everyone who did Tam’s course has loved it, and it was FREE
 so for more information about Heart, Art and Healing please visit Tam’s site: http://willowing.ning.com/group/theheartofart/forum

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