Lesson from my son…. Dream catcher

After the felting was done and we realised we had more time than we thought we decided to get a start on the next lesson which was to be making a dream catcher.

I got one for Christmas from Kit and so did Rob and so did Billy.

Billy’s dreamcatcher-Christmas present from Kit
Rob’s dream catcher gift from Kit
My christmas present from Kit

These are the dreamcatchers Kit made us for Christmas, and it was then I asked him to teach me to make them.

preparing to make my dream catcher

I picked up these pieces of willow on the way home from a shopping trip, I won’t take things off living trees but when they’re on the ground then I’ll take them.

I picked these up mid 2010 and wound them into the form waiting for something to use them for.

Almost finished

The first one I did I was no happy with so I cut the strings off and started again, this was my second attempt. I’m pleased with how it turned out, I threaded some tinsel through the wood and I am yet to add the beads and feathers to this one.

Finished middle section

I’m picturing this section in future dream catchers with beads or holey stones. The ideas are endless.

2 thoughts on “Lesson from my son…. Dream catcher

    • For your Suzana anytime!!

      mine was so easy I was surprised, I actually did better than kit but shhhhhh…..

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