*8Things: Excess

*8Things: Excess- So in the latest posting in *8 things Rachelle talked about Excess:

So for Lent, I thought I would spend some time noticing the Excess in my own life. Then I thought I’d ask God-and-the-Universe to show me how I might both release the Excess and transform it into Abundance for someone else during this giving season. It’s an experiment. I want to get curious, don’t you? So here it goes–my list of *8Things that I have too much of in my life

1. Televisions/Movies: I agree with Rachelle here, I spend way too much time watching mindless TV instead of arting.

2. Internet- I could afford to do less of that and when I’m away I barely miss it

3. Sugar. again I’m with Rachelle- I need to cut way back

4. Coffee- I like it, I love it I don’t want anymore of it!!

5. Negative Self Talk. too much already, shut up and go away!

6. Clothes/ shoes- I don’t wear what I have and I keep bringing more in, time to de clutter the walk in robe, I LOVE shoes but I rarely wear the ones I have NO MORE!

7. Books- Ok so I’m getting better I haven’t brought any in a while and I’m reading out of my own shelves and making way for the pile on the floor to move up into the shelves.

8. Toiletries– Again, I don’t use most of what I have but I don’t buy them anymore either since I’ve stopped selling Avon again!

For more information about Rachelle’s site visit it here: http://www.magpie-girl.com/tag/8things/

So what are your 8 Excesses?? I’ve shared mine your turn!


3 thoughts on “*8Things: Excess

  1. My 8 things are..
    1. Chocolate/ Junk food- something about this always sucks me in; no clue why!
    2. Uni work- this is necessary to get where I want to go (Bachelor of Education (Primary) but sometimes I don’t want to do it! :-p
    3. Computers- I seem to spend 70%+ of my time on a computer. I wish I had to write everything out sometimes!
    4. Cream (as in body lotion/ hand cream- I keep getting sucked into buying the newest thing on the market, when I should know that VASELINE cream is the best.
    5. Nail polish- I don’t really even paint my nails that often, and yet I have a tub of nail polish!
    6. Shoes- need I say more?
    7. Negative self talk- and negative talk to others too. 😦 – working hard on this every single day!
    8. Craft supplies- I have more supplies than the craft store, I kid you not!

  2. Negative Self Talk! That’s a good one to give up. Sometimes I think “Wow. If we stopped bashing ourselves we would have so much more energy to change the world!” Sometimes it helps me to think of what I call my “baby soul.” When I think of saying mean things to her, it stops my negative self-talk quick!

    What helps you stop?

    • Thanks for popping over to read my blog Rachelle.
      I like your idea of using a “baby soul” image to stop the negative talk.

      i think of my negative talk as one of my children (I have 5!) nagging me and so I sing to myself to drown out the nagging little voice. The kid’s don’t nag me about my art they are proud of it.

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