Journals and Diaries…

Ok, SO I’ve been having this online discussion with a fellow WordPress subscriber Louise

Purple= 2011- Year of Adventure and Brown= “Tamara journals”

About Journals and sometimes Louise puts up a question or a prompt for us to think about and reply to and yesterday’s question was:

Who or what would you like to be?

What do you fantasize about doing? (Opening a shop, sailing the world, making a ‘tree change’?)

Who do you fantasize about being? (More like the person who you admire, a better listener, a better speaker, career change?)

What is your personal secret of happiness? (Do you pray,  write, visit the beauty salon once a week?)

So we each replied and it led to other chats and I was telling Louise about all my journals, so I decided after Louise said she’d like to see them I decided to start that topic here (I know this is an ART blog but Journalling could be considered Arty and I’ll add Art Journal pics too!) In the above photo are two of my journals, the purple one was ordered (See Joella for these journals and many more wonderful hand-made items:!/JoellaHillDesignerTravelAccessories ) and made when I was thinking about joining the Sunbury Divas a community choir it was going to be called “The Diva Diary” and I would write about all our weekly meetings and trips and shows etc, but as it turned out I did not end up joining the Divas and so it’s become my 2011 year of Adventure journal.

One of myNew Years Resolutions was to have “many adventures this year” and so they are all going into this journal.

 So far it’s got the trip to Rarotonga 55 hand written pages over 4 days, not too shabby!

The Brown book in that photo is my “Tamara Journal” this came about last year when my husband and I decided to get ourselves a tent and go camping, so we started a new journal to recall all our camping trips in. This past weekend we went to Halls Gap in the Grampians in Victoria and were gone 3 nights/4 days and I wrote 21 pages, in this book are things like distances, weather, comments, I have a dried butterfly and a leaf and some bark as well as brochures I’ve picked up as we’ve been travelling. The first time we used this journal we went to Swan Hill for the Anzac Weekend in April last year it was our first trip and that one has many colourful page entries and dried flowers, leaves and stickers, dockets and brochures.

Every day journals

These are a range of my every day journals, the two down the very bottom are some I’ve started for my 9 yr old son so they don’t actually count.
The yellow, green, blue, pink and red are all the same kind of books they are “Spirax”, I found that I like their thickness of paper better than say the Tamara Journal which is “Marbig” too thin, you can’t stick too much onto these pages they tear and the ink seems to leak through to the other side of the page, my cousin suggested writing on only one side of the page, but imagine me only using half the book…sacriligde!
The Blue Glittery Journal is the pregnancy Journal of my youngest son and has all those details in it.
The Black Journal with the fish sticker was from our family holiday a few years back to Queensland.

Art Journals

So then we come to Art journals currently I am working in 2 small ones which are A5 and 1 larger one, although there are two large ones in the picture one is filled and waiting to be photo copied. Also in this pic is an “Altered book” which I am using as part of the “Evoking the Seed” challenge. It could be said they are NOT journals but in fact they are because we put so much of ourselves into them I look at them as types of Journals as well. The book open at the top yellow page with Meryl Streep is an “Altered book” and it’s a diary from a few years back, which I’ve been working in, adding different textures and colours to see what works and what doesn’t, kind of like an ideas book
Some of the Journal pages

This is just an example of some of the “journalling” in my art books, before Christmas 2010 my brother had a heart attack and a double by-pass and I create that “heart Strings” to try to deal with that knowledge. My thoughts on Christmas, Secrets just a sample of some of the journalling.

Junque Journal

Yet another Art Journal, this one is a “Junque Journal” created from some Junk mail and re cycled. I took the staples out of the spine and taught myself to bind it, then I added coloured pages to cover up what was already in there, I believe it was a book from the local council, but I liked the glossy pages and the size it fits into my hand nicely and it’s quite thick over 100 pages so I am adding pages to that it’s like a mini journal, little pages of “me”

Altered book

This one was formally known as “Black Beauty” until I decided to “Alter” it.
I decided that each double page spread would be the things I love, so I named this book “My big book of love”  This is an example of one of the double pages, I’ll add a photo of the kids and my husband and I to it when I get them printed off. I also thought about adding things like colours and room layouts for my “dream rooms” stuff like that.
I have one page fully done which is dedicated to my love of Japan and all things Japanese.

Motorbike Diaries

Then we have the “Motorcycle Diaries” we watched that movie on DVD and I said to my husband I’d like to just get on the bike and go and keep a journal, ok, so right now we can’t take off and leave kids but we can have the journals and the occasional rides, so the Blue and white one is the “Bette Journal” Bette is a 2002 BMW 1150 RS and she’s the one that takes us long distances in comfort, we’ve been on date nights and on weekends away on Bette.
 The “girly Diary” is “Scarlett’s Book” and Scarlett is our 1969 Triumph Trophy and due to her age she now only takes us short distances, we started her journal first because she came first and after the day that she ran out of petrol and we had to push her five kilometers in 42 degree heat wearing full leathers and carrying our helmets, we decided that we needed to keep an eye on the petrol gauge because she’s an older bike and is not as reliable. We learnt a valuable lesson that day and we rarely take her great distances anymore. She’s there for her good looks and Bette does the majority of the miles.
These journals live in the Garage with the “girls” and they are a communal journal which means that we both write in them, I tend to do the “romantic girly stuff” so says my husband like “today we flew with a wedgetail eagle and saw two roo’s grazing in the field between Sunbury and Riddells Creek” his journal entries are more like this:

Bette's Page

He doesn’t do anything but the technical stuff.


This is one of the Journal entries I wrote in “Scarlett’s Book”
So there is one missing in this lot which I am afraid I cannot place my hands on right now, but it’s the one that started them all, “the Pregnancy Journals” which I stared when my first daughter was conceived. I’d previously asked my Mother something about when she was pregnant with me and she answered rather harshly “oh my god, that was soooooooo long ago how do you expect me to remember that?” yes I was the last of 6 children so I guess it was pretty much a blur. I made myself a promise that I would write everything down, keep everything, remember everything, so that when my kids ask me if I don’t remember I can at least look it up. I’m planning to start typing that journal up and present it to that Daughter on her 21st birthday in July 2011. It’s got lots of stuff in it, tears and cravings, and all sorts of things, it doesn’t matter how much they might think I hate them for disciplining them, they can read these diaries and know that they were always loved and wanted.
On my 30th Birthday I sat down with a new book, and I thought about the earliest memory I had and I started writing, I have not stopped since, I was inspired I believe by the movie “Bridges of Madison County” when Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood met and he asked her to leave with her and she wouldn’t leave her children and so she went back to her “every day ordinary life” but she journalled it all down and her children found those journals after she died and read them and said “We never really knew our mother” my kids won’t be able to say that about me. I want them to know I had hopes and dreams and plans and a life before having kids.
Do you journal? if so what is your reason for journalling? do you have a specific book or way to journal? what drives YOU to journal?

5 thoughts on “Journals and Diaries…

  1. FANTASTIC post!!! I can’t believe how many journals you have! Your stack of everyday journals makes me want to write more. One day you will have to add an ‘Inspire me journal’ to your already massive collection! 😀

    Louise 🙂

    • Definately Louise.
      Are you going to start a gallery of things you make so we can pick and choose? or how do you work it?

  2. I have thought about making a few journals for ‘nobody inparticular’ but I hesitated because then that might take the fun out of having something personalised to you.. I have posted one journal online (Simone’s journal) and there will be another one coming very soon (next few days) [Vintage themed] so I am excited to share that one also!
    I have an email address that I can be contacted at for people to give their ‘design brief’ [Bright colours/ Animal lovers/ Vintage/ Plain colours/ List crazy etc] after further questioning, I create the journal & send to it’s new home!

  3. This site sounds like fun – thanks for sharing it.

    Love seeing all this delicious journalling inspiration, Kim – especially the journals for the kids so that they’ll know (despite how cranky we get at them sometimes) that they have always been loved.

    • Thank you Suzana
      you know me over kill as always, but when I got all my journals out it surprised me at how many there were and I was thinking, I need to do something careful with these in case of a fire or anything.. I need a lap top so I can go away andquietly type them all up and even scan some of the pages.

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