Evoking the Seed- Week 10- Intentions


So for this week we’re doing :

 Ten- Express your Intentions to become your wild and succulent self

Carol asked us to:  Create a page that is your Manifesto of your wildness.  A Manifesto for the purpose of this exercise is a “statement declaring intentions”.  There is no right or wrong in this, there is just a reason to motivate and inspire yourself to reach out to become part of your natural dance of life.

Here is how I played

Double page layout.

I dedided that for this week I’d explore that inner wild woman who is starting to voice her own opinions.

You were once wild don't let them tame you Isadora Duncan.

I used fur to represent the fact that I am going back to nature and being wild, hence the unruly hair!


I think this stems from the fact that I was away for the long weekend camping, with a bush fire, and wild kangaroos and kookaburra and cockatoos and getting back to nature, no watch just sun rise and sunset and listening to the sounds of nature.
For this week’s project I used:
  • Acrylic paints
  • gesso
  • water
  • fur
  • hand spun wool
  • and a cut out picture
  • old book page

Visit Carol’s site for more information: http://alittlegoddessinall.ning.com/


4 thoughts on “Evoking the Seed- Week 10- Intentions

    • Thank you Suzana
      as always your words mean heaps to me.
      it’s about time I had a voice and started to use it and I know I can thank you for helping me to get to this stage!
      hugs and thanks for stopping by xoxo

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