Ok so I’m always interested in ideas for the backgrounds of pieces.

“How do these people come up with these things?” is often heard coming from my mouth when I’m online and the kids say “Uh oh Mum’s talking to the computer again!”

I’m just in awe of some of the back grounds and I wish I were more adventurous so this week I decided to try. I’ve been enrolled in the Strathmore Online course for journalling for a while but I kept losing the page and finally I started to go there and this week we learnt some new back ground techniques. You can visit their page :

This particular bit was from Workshop 2 in week 2.

Linda showed us how to use stencils simply made ones, so one I liked was a piece of curtain fabric.

Curtain fabric and water spray

Basically you use a piece of curtain fabric and spray it lightly with water-colour, well actually it doesn’t HAVE to be water-colour but it’s what I used. I’m really happy with the effect I got with the curtain.

Then I decided I needed some dots, so I cut up a toilet roll holder and punched holes with the hole punch and bingo I’ve got polka dots!!!

polka dots

Another way to make dots of all sizes was the eraser on the end of a pencil dipped in paint, nice and even sized dots. the lid of a paint container for bigger dots, and a smaller lid from a tube of paint.. dots all over the place. Another great way for polka dots is to use bubble wrap, I use it all the time!

close up of dots

In this pic I used a tube pen as a dot, I didn’t like that effect, and my hole punched toilet roll!


Then I remembered somewhere I had a folder full of stencils from one of those many collected magazine things that one signs up for but rarely finishes collecting. So I explored using some stencils and rubber stamps.
So get all your stuff out and explore with things you can use for back grounds, I’d love to hear some of what you use to make back grounds!!

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