Today was “Art outdoors day”

Sometimes I amuse myself!

It was a gorgeous autumnal day here in Sunbury, so I decided to take it out doors and see what I could come up with. Firstly my Bloke had some offcuts of treated pine that he used to make a garden bed and since they were all cut uniformly I decided to acquire the scraps, I love scraps! So I sanded those 6 pieces of pine and thought about different ways to undercoat them. Now since I know my husband does not read this blog it’s fair to say he did warn me that it wouldn’t work but I’ll NEVER admit that!!


 The first two pieces I used gesso which has quickly become one of my favourite art supplies, it goes on thickly and “usually” coats things today it soaked right in and he did very well not saying “I told you so” So back to the drawing board on that idea.

Gesso coated

Ok so later on I went out to check and the gesso had soaked into the board and the roughness had returned. So now I’m thinking I might had a layer or 5?! of book pages as my back ground before any further painting etc will happen… anyways… let’s move on!

Stencil Art with spray paints

“I should not watch you tube until I have done my own stuff” repeat after me, and say it often!! I get side tracked looking at other people’s stuff that I go off and try it.

 So today it was actually ok, since it was an outdoors art day anyway I decided to play around with spray paints and stencils and see what background pages I could come up with.

Luckily we had some spray paints in the shed and so off I went and collected all my goodies to get started, the rubbish bins made a great outdoors work space!

Supplies for Art outdoors day

I used the three colours we had, I had some plastic stencils, a piece of curtain fabric and as you can see many different art journals to play in.

George Cloony before

Now while I don’t particularly like George Cloony I used this picture as a back ground in my Altered art book, “but what else can you do with it?” I hear you ask, well I’m glad you did because I was wondering  the same thing, so I started off with a gold layer….

Gold Layer of spray paint
Silver layer

Then I added a Silver layer, they dried quickly and smoothly on the page which was nice, but I can still see George! So what else can I do??

Ahhh I still have the red layer.. and a piece of curtain fabric.

Red Curtain

So I tried that and viola I’m really happy with the end result and you can HARDLY see George anymore!!

Roses for George!

He’s there vaguely but actually less when it was fully dried, I havent decided what to use this piece for yet. Seeing how well Roses for George worked I decided to be brave and try something else, looking around I wondered what else can I use? Yeah leaves!! So I picked some of my Wisteria plant and a dandelion leaf and a set of Rose leaves.


Silver Leaves

So the top left hand corner is Wisteria Leaves the bottom set are Rose leaves and the single one is the Dandelion. on a previously gold sprayed page

And here is the imprint

As yet I havent decided what to do with that but I wish I’d kept the leaves I used for this project.

Red leaves

I should have pressed them between something to keep them flat and they look pretty as they are.

The final red leaf page
Plastic Stencil page

Before packing away I couldn’t resist the “old-fashioned” way so I pulled out a plastic stencil and did some borders.

Another page with Curtain fabric

And then I returned to the familiar curtain fabric in my “Evoking the Seed” book, one page gold and one with red.

The Stenciled Border went on to become this India master piece.


I drew around the edge of the border stencil with a glitter pen.


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