Aussie, Aussie, Aussie..oi,oi, OI!!

So here is another little page that started off as a nothing kind of page.

I was watching a movie clip by Teesha Moore, you can read here blog here:  about how when you open a journal and are confronted by nice white clean pages it can be daunting, and so she takes time out some days to sit and colour a stack of pages ahead of time so that when she gets to that page it’s not all white and scary, so I thought I’d take her advice, I mean, come one she’s been doing this much longer than I.

Trouble is by the time I get to use that page I don’t want that colour or the pattern I created on it. So I’m now going to STOP doing the pages ahead of time and work on them that day, it’ll take longer of course because then I’ll have to wait for the back ground to dry before I can do the page but so be it!

So yesterday I went back through one of the smaller journals and decided to just fill up the pages with something, I want to finish that journal and move ahead to the nice one I’ve started working on. Well I’ve only done the cover and the front three pages are stepped it’s a start!

Aussie Aussie

It all started off with the “Vegemite” label that was off a pack of Snacks, I keep the packets to use for other things but I am a Vegemite addict and so I cannot throw away a good “Vegemite” logo.. but what to do with it… then I saw this little gecko looking at me from a tyre commercial in the RACV book, so he came out as well and I could just hear him saying “No worries cobber we’re Aussies!” however, because it’s a small book I could not fit “Cobber” in and very nearly didn’t fit the “Aussies” in either, so I changed it to “mate” which is more like Aussie speak I don’t think anyone really uses “Cobber” anymore!

As much as I love this little gecko he doesn’t look finished to me so this could be a work in progress… I’ll update it as I do it I think.


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