School Holidays.

This time of the year in Victoria Australia its school holidays and some would say a perfect time for creating art, we’re loosened from our day-to-day routines of getting children up ready for school and the drop off and sometimes the picks ups. Well in our house it’s so but we usually go away to our holiday place in St.Leonards a small sleepy seaside village on the Bellarine Pennisular outside of Geelong.

We have an onsite caravan there and since we have to pay a yearly rental fee I feel that I should use as many of the 100 days as I’m allowed. So I spent as much of our spare time there as I can, we call it “Bel Far Neinte” which means “The Art of doing Nothing” and that is exactly what we do there…….NOTHING!!!

In  ‘Bel Far Niente’ there are no rules, one eats when one is hungry and bedtime is often changed and most of the day-to-day rules from “home” are relaxed, so I might not see Will for most of the day unless he is hungry and wants food or he pops into tell me where he’s playing and with whom and off he goes again. Because we are located in a small caravan park and have been there for 6 years he has grown up with everyone and the people all know him  and he’s in a safe environment.

So for the first week of the holidays we went to “Bel Far Niente” and I took my art journals and the camera and all the various bits and pieces I thought I would need as well as Will’s art journal and some drawing books. I have a small collection of art materials which I leave down there as well paint brushes, water pastels and glitter pens as well as markers and coloured pencils, glue, stapler etc. Well wouldn’t you know it, you know the saying “the best laid plans of mice and men” or however that saying goes, I ended up spending Sunday to Wednesday nursing a tooth abscess and rainy weather and so although I was forced indoors I was in pain with my tooth and so did not do any art. Then when I felt better Will had found some friends to play with and so he didn’t want to “art with Mum” he wanted to play and so off he went. I just truly was not in the mood for art. I think I did some back grounds and that was about it.

I came home on the Sunday but this week I’ve had my 16 yr old son home from his Dad’s and so he was sleeping in my “art studio” and so of course nothing got done this week either and tomorrow we’re heading off camping Good Friday until Anzac Tuesday. We’re off to South Australia to a little seaside town called Port MacDonnell. So again no art because we’re taking 19 yr old Amber less space in our car and no art room. So for anyone who might read this regularly I’m sorry to disappoint you but there’s no art here today!!

Check back again next week possibly…


4 thoughts on “School Holidays.

  1. Unfortunately, my ‘craft’ over the Easter break was cleaning my house [some might say that is creative?!] and cooking. I admit that I love to cook more than clean though.. Perhaps I will post a recipe on my blog soon?!

    • Louise
      what a great idea for a recipe on your blog I mean. It’s getting colder here and so cooking and indoors things are calling, so this past long weekend while I was away I learnt to crochet a beanie.. I’ll put up pics soon!

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