Burlesque Art


Well I haven’t been here for a while, there have been some upheavals in my house and one of those was my 16 yr old son moving back home after 2 years living with his Dad. This of course,  meant he needed a bedroom and so I said “Goodbye” to my Art Studio.

At first I didn’t miss it too much I was busy getting him settled back into the family routine. But then one day I woke up and though “I miss my art”
 even just doing the odd Journal pages I missed it all. Of course I also quit most of my art groups online as well, so I simply missed art.

The problem now is I am deep into organising my daughter’s 21st birthday party and it’s Burlesque themed dress up party, and I’m so good at parties I love everything about planning parties and thinking of weird and wonderful decorating schemes and foods and props I can use. She wanted something extravagant and I’m all for that anything with glitz, glamour and “bling”  I love,  love it, it’s the “magpie” in me!!

 Ms almost 21 went to the movies with a group of her “besties” and saw the movie Burlesque and all I heard for ages was the wonder of Cher and Christine Aguilera, so I went with her chosen theme.

Now it’s about 3 weeks and 2 days and counting to her party. Did I mention this is a costume party! Yay my other favourite I like to re-create myself and we’ve had many costume parties over the years. I’ve decided to make over the back deck with curtains and couches and chairs and ART and candelabra and create an exotic cozy room for her party. So many ideas and so many things I’d love to do sadly money and time are always against me.  So I’ve got the final image in my head and I have to just get it out of my head and into real life.

The costumes have been brought by Ms almost 21, I didn’t buy mine I wasn’t sure of the sizing so I attended a wonderful shop “Sideshow Annie’s Costume Parlour”  www.sideshowanniecostumes.com   in Carlton and Melanie helped us with sizing and all the “bling” that we needed. So we just have to pick it all up on the Friday complete with a long blonde wig for “Mumma”, Ms 19 and myself are hiring from Melanie and my husband has decided that because we are the hosts he should be the “Ring Master” and so he’s hired his costume also. The boys Master 16 and Master 9 have got suits to wear for the night and how incredibly handsome the both look.

The menu is set she doesn’t want anything fancy and she’s always loved “Mumma’s” egg sandwiches and faery bread and the usual finger foods, so that’s pretty simple. I had planned to make her cake in the shape of a top hat, but I decided last week I really didn’t need the extra hassle of a “failed” cake if I can’t get it to look like the image in my head I’d be disappointed so I’ve gone ahead and ordered her cake.

Her theme colours are Hot pink and Black, always a nice combination they go well together and we have lots of glitter and streamers and gas-filled balloons planned. But I wanted the back deck to look like a cozy saloon/lounge type of room so I decided we’d do some art “Burlesque” themed art for the walls. I thought I could get the other kids involved and so I gave them all a pre painted canvas (I’d painted all the canvases in the same colour to help tie in the theme!)  and they each chose a picture I had a selection of Burlesque images I’d found on Google. Plus we used colours similar or the same to also tie them all into the one theme. So yesterday Ms 19 and Master 16 and I sat down and created these pictures.

Supplies gathered


Basecoating a body!
General Clutter
Master 9’s Finished project “Misty Martini”
Master 17’s Finished project
Ms 19’s Finished project
Mumma’s end result!

So Ms 19 had so much fun she wanted to do more and so she kept going on and did another one.

Ms 19s second end result

Ms 19 and I are hoping that Ms almost 21 will not want them when the party is finished because we love ours so much that we want to keep them, but if she does want to keep them we’ll make ourselves another set for the study wall.

Once the party is finished I can get to the real work of setting up a new art studio and get back into my art which I’m really missing and when my canvas turned out so nicely yesterday I really had the urge to keep going, thinking of different back ground techniques I could use and other colour combinations, I miss art! I am taking over the dining room once the party is done and dusted.
I’m planning of taking lots of before and after pics of the Party, so I’ll be back to report on it here it’s kind of like ART I guess, the transformation of my house into a magical party place. Also we’re having a semi professional photographer coming to do LOTS of pics so I’ll share some of those too.. watch this space!

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