No Art-just catch up…

Hello Anyone who might be reading this.. boy life has been busy.

Ok so let me back track a little to the Burlesque Art, that was done for my Daughter’s 21st Birthday and it was something that I did with three of the other children and we put them up on the wall at the party and they all got great remarks. She then took them home, I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t want them but oh well.. I did it for her so I had to let it go, so far she has two pieces of my original art, I’m doing a “list of 50 things to do before I’m 50” and one of them is to see a piece of my art, so maybe it’s time to get serious and attempt to do that although i have no idea at all about how to even start to think about “selling my art”

So since then I have been re-locating my Art Studio into a smaller (much smaller) space since Son number 2 came home from living with his Dad, so I now have a filing cabinet and a dresser as an Art Centre, it’s a bit depressing really as I liked the fact I could shut the door walk away and come back days later and everything is exactly where I left it, that now is not possible as i am working off the dining room table, not that anyone uses it except me but it’s in the main part of the house and it’ll look messy if I leave it and walk away. plus I don’t want the kids to get into my stuff.

However, that is now done and so I’m endeavouring to get back into my art journals and post card swaps and slowly get things on track. in the meantime I starts a chapter of The Red hat Society. haven’t heard of it? well that’s ok neither had I but I was shopping on ebay and saw all these postings for “Red Hat Society” and as I do I googled it and went on a mad trip and decided then and there I WANTED to wear a red hat and purple clothing, I was quickly brought back to earth when I discovered that one must be 50 to wear those colours so I’m starting off in a Pink Hat and Mauve clothes.

Here I am in my own crocheted pink Cloche hat and mauve scarf

Our Chapter is called “The Sunbury Sisterhood of Hatters” and as such we give ourselves Royal names mine is Queen (because I started the chapter not because I think I’m all that and a bit!) Countess Purrs like a Kitten. So far we have 5 members and a 6th is about to join, it’s all very exciting and this coming Sunday the 21st August is the Official “Queening/Naming Ceremony” we’ll all be presented with certificates and small gifts and then we’re sitting down to a very formal royal “Tea Party” So this brings to me another level of “arting Adventures” because NOW I am making hats!! I crocheted the above pink hat in a few hours and I love it so much, I went out and brought more pink wool which is actually made from bamboo fibres it feels very lovely and silky but less stretch than wool. I also watched a YouTube movie on how to make flowers and crocheted along with the teacher and I’m going to decorate the hats with my crocheted flowers , I’m thinking I’ll make one for each of the sisters!

So then i decided to get tricky and try other type of hats, I made a pill-box hat it was OK-ish I can do better before I put it on here and I sewed a “bucket hat” but I did that wrong it was without a pattern I just took a hat apart and re made it all wrong LOL… never mind I’ve since brought a REAL pattern so keep watching for red hat crafts I think I’ll make a special section. We’ll also be doing scrapbooking as part of the group so I’ll post pics of those as well..

But really this is not getting my preparation done for Sunday so I’d best love you and leave you and be back soon with crafty pics.


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