Day four of “September’s faces”


I’ve always loved Nigella the chef, not sure why is it her accent or her face shape? I don’t know maybe it’s because she has a nice full figure and I was drawn to that?! Whatever I decided to draw her. I made the mistake of thinking her cheek bones and dimples would be “easy” wrong…… and don’t even get me started on her hair LOL anyways here’s my attempt at                                                                                           

  Day 4 “Nigella”


 So seeing at how she turned out “okish” I decided to have a try at something else. remember I said I’d try all kinds of faces, young, old, coloured, un coloured, different mediums and so on and so forth, so I found this lovely lady in an “Emirates” advertising  piece and I liked the way her “uniform hat” draped around her face and of course I LOVE her dimple, I wish I had a dimple!!! so here is 

Day 4- Airhostess


I know I’ve done her eyes wrong, I seem to be able to do one part of any face up to what I call a “good or great” standard and then mess up something else.. this is after all the month in which to fix that dilemma, for the life of me I could not work out how to fix that eye and then this morning when I took this picture I realised what I’ve done wrong.. so mental note to oneself… take a photo before you FINISH the piece and go away and then come back and look at it to help pick up the errors!! thank you self!! On these two portraits I used coloured pencils and experimented with the shading and how dark to make the shadows without using the black pencil or the grey lead pencil. I’m really surprising myself with what I am doing.

My 23 yr old son asked “Why aren’t you doing a University degree is Arts?” I said “because I’m home looking after you lot and having fun with my arty stuff,”
So he got online and started doing some research for me on a university degree in Arts.. I’ll do some research today and see what happens, apparently now you can do them all online, which would be better for me, I get agrophobic sometimes about leaving the house on my own! OMG I admitted that on my blog LOL
Anyways that was Sunday’s offerings I’ll be back later with today’s!

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