September’s challenge


Each month Carol over at “A litte Goddess in all” gives us a monthly challenge and we can chose wether we do it or not. I usually try and do them because they’re great fun and often something I’ve not yet tried, so this month I decided to give myself a challenge.

I was commenting to Carol about how her faces were getting so good and she mentioned that she does “a face a day” to give herself practise and I said “Oh yes I should do that too” and so I started doing it in a few different books and then decided that I would make a MONTH of it and get a book especially for it… as my eldest son just said “hey it’s a FACEBOOK” which I hadn’t even thought of d’uh me. Everyone in this house is on facebook LOL

So I was telling Carol on the REAL facebook about how well my chellenge was going and she said to be sure and share the pics on my profile at “A little goddess in all” and I said Of course I would because I appreciate her comments and decided that I would also add it to my blog so that I can keep track of it all.

So pre September I started with a TV character from a new TV show called Underbelly Razor it’s set in the 1930’s in Australia and I loved their costumes so please meet “Tilly Devine”

Tilly Devine


Kate Lee

So that was two of the three main characters, but I still wasn’t happy with how they looked so I decided to start drawing other faces and chellenge myself to get better and use colour and add different features, old, young, men, women, children, all nationalities and keep them all together in a book but until I got a chance to buy the book I started doing “faces” in other books here is one from my “The Heart of Art” Journal.

 Day one- 1st September- I call this one “Bloke”

Bloke- facial hair and hat He was really a challenge, he had a HAT and FACIAL hair to contend with, I like his nose, they are slowly improving but I knew there was better to come.

 Day 2- Swimsuit

Day 2- Swimsuit

She-  I liked for her facial angles which is my weak area and also the 3/4 body which I haven’t tried before.

She had her hair tied back in a pony tail I’m not ready to challenge hair just yet!!!

Day 3- Over the Shoulder.
She was the first one in the “September book of Faces”

Day 3- Over the Shoulder

With her I didn’t do her hair but I did add a little bit of colour although the flash from the camera has almost washed the colour out of theis shot. I was really pleased with how she turned out.

Day 3- Wildcat

Day 3- Wildcat!

She is going to be performing at the “Gangster Ball” in September and I loved the weirdness of the angle of this photo and where the light source was coming from which makes her look like she only has a half a nose!!! I wanted to share her red hair and was using a grey leaded pencil so I added some colour and then decided that her green eye shadow should be played up a bit and suddenly she’s mostly colour and looked even better than just the grey lead. Overall i’m not too unhappy with her but there’s still lots of room for inprovement!

Keep watching and Ill keep up loading more pics as I do them

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