September’s Faces- day 7 and 8- dismal failures….

So wrongly I thought that as the month went on I “might” improve…… wrong!

Or is it I am being too “cocky” with myself and choosing harder subjects? I don’t know I do know that I had a splitting headache both days ( am I going to use that as an excuse for this crappy stuff? NO! just putting it out there!)

Day 7- Headband

I chose her because I liked the angles of her face and the jazzy headband she wore, I’ve got the angles all wrong, I also noticed another thing as well. When I do my art on my own and in a quiet space I seem to tap into it much better Day 7 and Day 8 I was surrounded both days by bickering B-O-Y-S!

( am I using that as an excuse for this crappy stuff NO again I’m not just also putting THAT out there LOL)  

Time to make up that sign that says “Shhhhh works of art in progress”

So here is Day 7- Headband


The best bit about her is that I took the photo with lots of other light so that the flash didnt bleach out the colours of the piece ( THANKYOU CAROL for that tip!!)

I do like the way I highlighted the lines by her mouth and her nose I’m finding the noses are getting easier, so maybe the eyes will get there as well. I also like the shadows and highlights for her shoulder bones.

When I look back on day 1 or even before day 1 to Tilly Devine I can see improvement. I think at the end of the month I’ll redo Tilly Devine and see how she looks then!


Day 8- Babies (Critters!)

Deceiving little critters that THEY are… they look so cute and innocent and sweet and E-A-S-Y!!! WRRRRROOOOOONNNGGG!!!!

I actually gave up on them because they were doing my head in, I’d seemingly “fix” something I saw as an error and then I’d see something else to fix and I spent two HOURS!!! on the little brats! So I gave up and threw down the book in disgust, I might be grown up but I still throw really good little girl tantrums!!!

To be fair my family have been a great support to me and even say “Mum maybe you need to do something with that left eye” helpful! or then you get my husband who pulls no punches and says “that baby’s head is all wrong, do it again!” ( he didn’t really say that)  but I did ask  him “does this shape look wrong?” and he nodded so I rubbed it out and re-did it and it’s STILL WRONG!!!

Arghhhhhhhhhh the joys of Art!!!

This is my month to improve so I’m hoping these are steps along the way…. here are the “Critters”

Babies (Critters)

Please remember people who might read this I never claimed to be a portrait painter, this is a challenge for myself LOL

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