September’s Faces day 13 and 14

Fish Face

                                                                                                                                              So day 13- Fish Face

The second of the chosen ones by my cousin she said as she left “I can’t wait to see this little guy” well.. head up Cuz IT’s  A CHILD!!! Arghhhhhhh and he didnt want to play nicely right from the start, so stuid me says “well I won’t use the water pastels I’ll try my dry pastels” and BINGO another failure… if this was not a challenege I set myself for this month I’d just quit, but I am a REALLY good quitter so I don’t want to do that! Just keep trying!!
I gave up working on him, I just knew that it would go even further down hill.. I stopped for the day!
Day 14-  Avon Lady,
I re joined with Avon that day and I found this nice lady in the cataloug, she is Asian and I had promised my self to do pictures
Avon Lady

Also she went from being “rea;” to having whimsy hair LOL


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