September 2012- OH my!!

I have not been very good with my arty stuff, so much has been happening in my life and some of it not good, but I’m ready to come abck and to push start myself I’ve started another September challenge with Carol from A little Goddess within, it’s called “these my days” 30 days of art challenge.  here’s the link come and visit, tell Carol I sent you.

So day one was Making new endings and I have to confess something for me (maybe the state of mind I’m in) this seemed to come easily and quickly, Did I mention there is a 30 minutes allowance for this challenge, you only art journal this project for 30 minutes, surely even I can find 30 minutes!

Day 2- How do you feel? (also helpful in my mind space!)

Day 3- One word to describe your day.

let me show you what I came up with for day 1- Making new endings.

Day 1- Making new Endings

Day 2- How do you feel? my response was Hopeful.

Day 2- How do you feel?

So now I’m off to work on Day 3- technically we’re in day 4 in Australia but I’m working a day behind, it’s not so bad!

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