Welcome to 2013 My Year of fun!


A sneak peek at the 6 month course I am now doing, I painted this juicy delicious goddess.

Welcome everyone to 2013. Last year was a bit of a bummer for me, many personal issues that I did not cope well with and hence, my arty stuff suffered, but this year I’ve vowed to make it my “Fun year” no crying unless they are tears of mirth, and so in order to get my thinking re organised, I’ve done lots of self help reading AND I’ve signed up for a 6 month course called “Painting the Goddess within” and it’s not all about art its also about Meditation and Journalling and arty techniques and I’ll add the link on the bottom so you can go and have a look at it for yourself, I think It may have closed for this session but I’m sure Sheri Ann Ponzi will be holding more.

As I get more into my art I’ll post more photos of my stuff…



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