Bel Far Niente

Delicious texture in one of Yemaya's layers... shes got lots more to go!

Delicious texture in one of Yemaya’s layers… shes got lots more to go!

She's a work in progress

She’s a work in progress

Yemaya 002_resizeOur holiday place in named this because I was reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and she said it meant “The Art of doing nothing” or something like that, and when we go to our holiday place that is what we do N-O-T-H-I-N-G! And that’s excatly why we go there t’s our relaxing, unwinding place and I quite often get inspired to do great art, but then one of my Italian penfriends tells me it really means “Beautiful doing nothing” and that works too!!

Whie I was down there last weekend I was thinking about a piece of art to do for the wall down there and it’s at the beach and we have piles of shells and special rocks and featger and sea glass and other collected “stuff”I was thinking I wonder how I can get to combine enough of that stuff onto a canvas and all of a sudden literally it hit me “Mermaid” I knew there was a Goddess of the Sea so I started researching, and she “Yemaya” was perfect, so today I got started on her too.. I did the background a few days ago, her colours are “sky blue, white and silver” perfect! silver is close to glitter my favourite! She’s often seen with white flowers (frangapani?!) and shells, all of which I have in abndance and she’s quite often seen wearing or holiding pearls… Oh boy did my mind start running!! Yemaya has been calling me for a while, but that doesnt mean I can get her out of my head onto canvas or paper….until today!!

She is very much a work in progress, so keep chekcing back on Yemaya’s progress.


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