Painting the Goddess within- Inviting her in…..

here she comes, through the portal!

here she comes, through the portal!

As you might remember in an earlier post I was telling you about joining this course “Painting the Goddess with in” over at Sheri Ann’s blog….

So part one you saw how we had to paint a portal with which to invite the Goddess is, Part two was to get her onto the canvas, I must admit I sat and watched Havi paint hers and I doubted I could do that, (that annoying little voice in my head that won’t let me win) but I decided earlier on that I would surrended to the Goddesses and let them direct me for the next 6 mths and so I follwed step by step with Havi and a face appeared! Drawn first of all in white chalk that was easy to remove if need be I only removed a few small things I added so much more! I even- have to brag a little bit, this is the BEST face I’ve ever drawn!

Next step was even more scarey we had to get paint and draw over the top of the chalk and make it even more real. She sits very proudly on my Easel in the dining room (until the Art Studio is made over I’m working from the dining room!) I had the Laptop set up to watch Havi and away I went, I’m so proud of “she who remains nameless until she give me her name”

I’m so in awe of these goddesses that are doing this course, through the facebook page we share our work and some of them are awesome and all of them are moving, and I feel really blessed to be part of the group, and I feel like I was “meant” to spend this 6 months with the Goddess for a good reason… excited to find out why……


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