“Wives of the Bible” by Jolene Engle


I have just today finished my study “Wives of the bible” by Jolene Engle. I almost cried to think I am finished and will not be logging on weekly to visit with Jolene anymore.
The book is great easy to read, Jolene sprinkles her charm and wisdom throughout and also she speaks in plain every day speak so that “Newbies” like me can understand it. Remember I only started this walk with the Lord in July 2014, so some of the terms I find daunting, one in particular was “Sins of the flesh” and as I read it and then watched Jolene’s film clip to go with it, I felt as though she had read my mind when I silently asked “What does that mean?” I even wrote it down so I could go “google it” but in her next breath Jolene answered my unspoken question! She did this more than once so that I never felt like a “newbie” or dumb. The other great thing about this series that I liked was Jolene’s Facebook page! Look here …> https://www.facebook.com/JoleneNoelleEngle because she actually checks in and responds to your comments, which I felt helpful in case I had questions.

So here are a few of the things (taken from Jolene’s site) that you will learn in this study!!

How to overcome loss, fear, and disappointment in your marriage.
How to reignite your marital passion.
How to recapture your husband’s heart.
How to influence your husband.
When to follow your husband’s leading and when not to.
When to keep your mouth shut and when to open it.
When to share your heart and when to let the Lord deal with your man.
How much power you really have even though you’re not the head of the home.
How to be a Godly wife in spite of your past or your present circumstances.
This is an excellent book! The design and format of each chapter make it interesting and even fun to read and learn about the wives of the Bible.

Jolene Engle has an awesome way with words, like she’s a good friend sharing her experience as an imperfect Christian woman while making sure we know the women of biblical times were not perfect either, so there’s much for us to learn and apply in our own marriage.

I loved that the beginning of each chapter starts with a few descriptive sentences explaining what kind of wife that chapter is going to be talking about. Then it goes right into the question “who is this wife?” which every time, made me want to scream out my answer of who I thought it was. At the end of each chapter is an “application” section where she offers encouragement and godly advice.

I would recommend this book to all wives and soon to be married women. It would make an excellent Bible study resource for a women’s group, too.

And I agree with everything written. This has been so helpful for me, in that I recognised myself in some of those wives and I even realised what part of the problem in my first marriage breakdown was… Insight is a wonderful thing. If you only buy one book to do one study, buy this one!!


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