Tickled my funny bone! “10 Unusual ways to spend quiet time with God”

I am signed up for emails from Rachel Wojnarowski and so todays one came and I just wanted to share it because I had a giggle. I could imagine myself doing some of these.. Read below…

This week I was thinking about how creative a mom sometimes needs to be in order to spend time alone with God. Sometimes flexibility is the key and it’s not about the number of minutes, but the focus of your heart and mind. Maybe you’ve not thought of any of these places as being the ideal place for a few minutes with God. Honestly, ideal is not what we’re looking at in this instance. Today I’m presenting a few ideas that will jog our minds to think creatively when we consider where we are spending time with God.

1. The Restroom

I know. Did I really think this needed mentioned? Well, yes. We all know that moms are prone to lock bathroom doors on occasion for more than just the essentials. Sometimes it’s the only place to eat a mini chocolate bar without sharing. Can I get an Amen? Sometimes it’s also the best place to review your prayer list.

2. The Minivan

Whether waiting in pickup lines at school or waiting for ball practice to end, a girl can get her Bible reading game on in the good ol’ family minivan.

3. The Garage

Yes, I’ve sat on the garage steps and read my devotional for the day so that I could avoid everything going on in the house, but no one knew I was there. It’s a great place for that!

4. The Laundry Room

Does anyone EVER go in the laundry room except for Mom? No. If you want to hide out for a few, just hide where the work is and it’s guaranteed that no one will find you. 😉

5. Under the Table

If kids can hold pretend forts under the dining room table, so can moms. I can honestly say I haven’t tried this one. But I can see the potential.

6. On the Trampoline

One night this week when the kids were all in bed, I went out on the trampoline to pray and stargaze. It’s a beautiful place!

7. Top of the Outdoor Playset

Our playset has a fort on the top, just before you go down the slide. If you can catch a break when the kiddos are playing underneath, then a few minutes in the fort is a great place to have time alone with God.

8. Bedroom Closet

IF you’re lucky enough to have a closet with a little extra space AND you’re not claustrophobic, then a few minutes of prayer time and Bible reading in the closet can do wonders.

9. In the Nursery

One of my favorite places to pray over the years has been sitting in the rocker while rocking or nursing one of my sweet babies.

10. Anywhere…

Hopefully you chuckled as you read parts of this post, but the point is that no matter where we are physically located, we can calm our hearts and minds to focus on God’s Word and prayer for a few moments. We don’t have to always be isolated and we don’t have to shut everyone else out. Some of the best discussions I’ve had with my kiddos is when they interrupted my quiet time with a small question of “Hey, Mom…what are you doing?” There’s nothing like answering that question with: “Hey. I’m studying this verse in the Bible…. do you know what it says? What does that mean?”

Blessings on your quiet time endeavors- no matter where you may choose to have them..

You can find out more about Rachel at http://rachelwojo.com

I am tempted after reading this article to buy a trampoline so I can star gaze and pray and I love the fort idea.. I also would not mind being under the table.. But instead what I do, is pop my Grandbaby boy Squishy into his pram and go for a walk and while I am walking I do my prayers. I have my quiet time first ting in the morning because its quite. When the Bloke gets up for work and is getting ready for his day he bring me in a cup of coffee so I do my daily devotionals, I use Beth Moore’s “Praying God’s word, day by day” and Dianne Neal Matthews, “The One years Women of the Bible” once I have done those, I do my daily chapter of the Bible whatever our stidy group is up to, and I use the S.O.A.P method to study that. By then its time to start the day with the family. I also use time throughout the day like hanging out the laundry or washing the dishes to have a quiet chat with the Big Man upstairs.

So what special ways do you spend to talk to the Lord?



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