Journaling Journey

Journaling Journey is the name of a Facebook group that I joined a long time ago, every so often I check in and get some ideas for journaling prompts. I “used” to think that prompts were cheating but then in an art course I was doing we were given writing prompts as well and I discovered I really love them, especially on those days when nothing terribly exciting is happening at home and I have nothing to write about.. I’ll dig out a prompt and away I go. So imagine my delight when I see Nathan post in that group about a 30 day “digital journaling” course he is running for the month of October.. and guess what else? it’s FREE!! My price!

I’ve put the link up the top of this post so you can go and have a look at the course and possibly join, no it’s not too late it will start from Day one whenever any one wants to sign up, so no catch ups or rushing required.

Taken from Nathan’s website-

  • motivation, tips and tools for digital journaling
  • absolutely free
  • see if your keyboard can offer peace of mind, passion, clarity and purpose!

So watch this space because this is where I will be doing my digital journaling, some of it at least, I will check in here and write little updates as I can. I also signed up for Diaro a free App that I can use to do my journaling on so I am not sure yet which I’ll play with. I revitalized this Blog with this challenge in mind so we shall see, come back and check in..

Do you Journal?

  •  Yes! I have several journals, my main one sits on my bedside table and I write in it several times per day.
  • Camping Journal which I called ” The Adventures of Tamara Tent” and I add all the info, weather, distance traveled, fuel stops, weather, camping sites, I add feathers, receipts, stickers, all kinds of stuff, even tree bark!
  • Jelly baby Journals- One for each other my Grand children, life from Grandma’s point of view, my idea with these are to have them printed and bound into books for their 21st birthdays!
  • Bible Journal- two actually, one is in a pretty note-book where I do all kinds of female stuff like “wives of the bible” series and “Husband encouragement challenge” all female related stuff. The second one is an A5 ring binder which has tabs for different bible studies, so when I am doing my bible studies on “females” I have a divider page called “women of the Bible” and when I am doing Men like the Apostles I use “Blokes of the Bible” and then regular “bible studies” for the other things.

Do you hand write or digital journal?

  • Currently I am hand writing my notebook journal but looking forward to starting digital.

Do you add “stuff” to your journal? art, fliers? ticket stubs?

  • When my husband and i have a “date day” I will add the tickets, fliers, receipts, serviette/napkin, even a drink coaster, lots of stuff gets stuck in I have “lumpy” journals. Sometimes I even stick in a plastic ziplock bag to hold more stuff.

Why did you start journaling?

  • I was going through a rough patch in my marriage an older lady had just written her memoirs and published them for her children, and I was very blessed to be offered a chance to read it, who would have thought that this lovely little old Grandma had led such a thrilling,terrifying, exciting life? to look at her not me! we spoke about her writing and she said to me “start writing now, don’t stop and you have something important to say” So I started from the earliest memory I could think of and wrote and wrote and I have never stopped. So many pies of notebooks.

How old were you when you started?

  • I was turning 30

Now it’s your turn if you want to play along, simply copy the questions and answer into the reply box, can’t wait to hear from you.


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