Day 30 of the “30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge”

This is my beloved and this is my friend.” —Song of Songs 5:16 ESV

Friendship is something that is cultivated through the good times and the bad. Friends can share their hearts, but they don’t step on each other’s hearts. Friends can be completely honest with each other, but friendships are strained when truth is not spoken in love.
How are you speaking to your beloved? Are you so used to him that you don’t appreciate the wonder of his friendship? That is your challenge today, to make sure your husband knows he is your sweetheart and best friend. Does he know this? Have you told him, or do you assume he just knows?
Don’t assume. Everyone loves to hear that they are special. Take time to appreciate your husband by demonstrating it to him. Tell him with your kind words; show him with your kind acts.

Taken from the email sent daily. Today I finished my 30 day Husband Encouragement Challenge.

“Encouragement, as you have seen these past thirty days, is a synonym for love in action.”

I can honestly tell you truthfully that every day more than once a day I tell my husband how special he is, I tell my Bloke how much I love him, and then I ask him “Are you sick of hearing this yet?” and without failure he replies “Never!” Because Everyone loves to hear that they are special. Take time to appreciate your husband by demonstrating it to him. Tell him with your kind words; show him with your kind acts.

My husband is special because of all the things he does for me, for our children, for our home, when he commits to something he will see it to the end and beyond. He is for sure a Husband of integrity and he does not Walk with the Lord.. but he walks with me and accepts that I walk with HIM and the Lord. He wouldn’t share with too many men though!!

A Wife’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, You have loved us with Your words as well as with Your deeds. Thank You for making it clear and help me to follow in Your footsteps so that the fullness of my love for my husband is clear. Let me continue to speak words of love and to show deeds of love in the days to come. Thank You for my husband, and thank You for growing me into an encouraging wife.

It has not been easy for me and I have had to remind myself some days more than once, one day I did slip up and I did snap at him and I DID storm off and I journaled about it and realized I had broken my 30 day challenge rules.. Your Challenge: For the next thirty days, don’t say anything negative to or about your husband. Also, say something positive to and about your husband each day.” So I took a deep breath and I went down stairs and I hugged him in front of the children and I apologized for snapping at him and said that I was wrong and I had taken out my anger on him when it wasn’t him I was angry at. I think it was important that my children see that! and he appreciated it even though he knew that he was not the target of my outburst. I see that I have started changing my ways and most importantly my thinking these past 30 days!

Awesome Challenge and I look forward to taking some more from ” Revive Our Hearts”

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