“Making your Home a Haven” Fall (Spring) Challenge

Today it begins..

http://womenlivingwell.org/2014/10/what-type-of-environment-are-you/  <———– read about it there…

Have you ever considered that YOU are an environment?  What type of environment are you? (this is a really good Blogging question)

Are you the warm and hospitable type? ( I throw good parties and I love having people over, when I plan anything I plan to have the place looking as warm and inviting as I can.)

Are you the cheery, sunshine type? ( My main parts of my house are Loungeroom, family, dining room and kitchen, these are painted in a cheery yellow colour, supposedly it stimulates conversation, well since I spend most of MY time here I wanted it bright and cheerful)

Are you calm and quiet? (Parts of my home are because I think that everyone should have an escape place, for me it’s typically my bedroom where my journal is.)

Harried and hurried? (My kitchen can be like that at times, but it truly is the “heart of my home” and everyone seems to gather there.)

Irritable and angry? ( we don’t do angry in the house, we send angries outside to the basketball hoop or to ride a bike or play in the Bloke’s shed!)

Or perhaps tired and ticked-off?

What type of environment are you? ( if I was answering this question for myself I would say I am warm, cheerful and welcoming.. My house and Me! but maybe someone who’s been to my house will come and read this and comment differently)

Life is certainly not all butterflies and roses…but because we are Christians – we are to reflect Christ in our environment.

I am excited about this “Making your Home a Haven” challenge, My daughter is glad about it too because the kitchen bench has been de-cluttered and a sanctuary has been set up.


Today it featured Vanilla Scented Candle and Yellow Genista flowers.

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