Blogtoberfest 2014- Day 18- Rest and Refreshment…



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From an Email from Lisa AT:

As women, I think we all need R & R, rest and relaxation or Rest and Refreshment… what ever you want to call the second “R” we need it.

I think as Mums and Wives we get too busy and caught up in the things we need to do, we have lists of stuff we “HAVE” to get done… I used to be like that too.. I’d make a list in the morning and tick it off as I did things, and then came a day when I didn’t get more than half the list done and I was suddenly a “failure” I didn’t like that and as I journaled about it I realized that “hey those JOBS are still going to be there tomorrow, so add them to tomorrow’s list and keep going!” So that meant the pressure was off. Of course I have a champion husband that doesn’t care if things are not 100% perfect, especially if I tell him, “Well I didn’t get that basket of washing hung on the line today because I took Squishy to the park for his first swing” we both agree that Squishy on the swing was far more important than the washing, so he will go hang it out! He is also good in that he will take turns cooking too so that it’s not a chore than you NEED to do but rather one you want to do.


Too few of us give ourselves permission to have it though.. Not me.. I am lazy.. I have no qualms about resting or relaxing OR refreshing as needs be. As Long as the house is clean and the dinner is thought of if I need a “Nanna nap” I’m going to have one. So when I got an email from Lisa at Club 31 I knew I was going to blog about this subject!!

So let’s walk through this list that Lisa has made..

#1- Go for a walk.. one of my faves, because like I said I am lazy so I HATE to excercise and since it’s Spring in Australia and the weather is getting fine, it’s time to start walking and get rid of some of those winter excess kilos. I have an APP called “Runkeeper” not that I EVER run!! Ohh NO!! But it track my walking, and you can set yourself little goals… so this years goal was “walk 400 kilometers” it sounds a lot, but it’s not really because I don’t drive so for me to go “downtown” for a shopping trip, it’s a 5 or more kilometer round trip. So currently I am about 378 kilometers of my 400.. I am going to reach this goal if it kills me! Last year I set 500 kilometers and didn’t get anywhere near it. For my birthday last week my family (read Husband) brought me a “fit bit” and you can check it out here: I love this because It tracks ALL my steps, not just my walks. So on a day when I did the 5 kilometer round trip on a shopping day, by the time I went to bed that night I had walked 11 kilometers for the day, Yay me!! So walking would be on my list too.

#2- Run a hot bath.. really? the only way this would work for me is to throw everyone out of the house, and then have a hot bath, because If I went and had a bath they’d all come and sit outside the shower screen and talk at me.. not that relaxing… plus I would be busy thinking of other stuff I “could’ be doing

#3- Read a good book– for me, that should have been #1.. I am a crazy mad reader.. at the moment I have four books going, not counting my daily devotionals (2) and my bible. The upside of this though is that my 10 month o,d Grandson loves his children’s bible and is happy to sit by me and read it, blubbering away and the pictures. When I read to him, I point out “Look there’s a tree, a butterfly and the sun! Oh look the little girl is crying” so when he has the book his little chubby fingers are pointing at things too. I call that “win win”

#4- Change your attitude– yes! for me the best way to do that is with some music. Over at Good Morning Girls this week’s “Make your home a haven” challenge was to play Soothing music, so I have been playing all my Christina music and some very old gospel music, but when I want to clean the house and I am not inspired I will put on fast rock ‘n’ roll music that gets me going. Another way to change my attitude is to call a friend.

#5- Sing a Song– Oh dear, we have so many songs in our house, my Grandson has a walker and he presses different colour buttons and each one plays a different nursery rhyme.. not this could send me totally around the bend listening to that most days, but instead I sing a long and he dances, my cousin thinks I am nutty that I know every nursery rhyme, but the look on his little face when Grandma sings “B-I-N-G-O!” and changed the letters to C-H-A-S-E is priceless..

#6- Create a place of rest– He loves this one.. every afternoon if he needs a sleep and is fighting it, I will pick him up and head off towards my bedroom, by the time I get to my staircase he is clapping hands, he knows whats coming, books and nap time. We read his Children s bible a thick board book and another book and he’s usually out to it. My bedroom has always been my place of rest, it’s where my journal lives and it’s where I escape.

#7- Pray Quietly– Yes! I do this while I am hanging the washing on the clothes line, when I pick up a piece of someone’s clothing, I wonder how they are and what they are doing and then I can usually find something about them to pray for.. makes a less than fun job go quicker!!

#8- Give Thanks– Every-time I see the candle flickering as the “Making your home a haven” challenge I give thanks to everyone that comes to our home and pray that they all find peace, security and happiness within our walls.

#9- Snuggle up– On the Couch with a good DVD and a sleepy baby.. is there anything better?

#10- Cancel an activity– Usually over the winter when its raining and we are due to go to football training, my Star son and I will look at each other and ask ourselves “Why are we doing this again?” sometimes we cancel a training session.

#11- Take a Power nap– also called a “cat nap”, “Nanna Nap” or “Quickie nap” I am the Queen of those, I can sleep in the car 20 minutes and feel like I’ve had a full nights sleep.

#12- Do Something you love YES!! I used to go down to my studio at the bottom of the stairs and paint, those days are far and few between now, so I might write a pen pal letter or do a quick drawing, but I do NOT do this nearly enough.

#13- Call a friend– Yes! But only when Squishy is asleep so I can have a good chat, other wise he needs attention and it looses its fun value.

#14- Turn in early I do this most nights.. I am usually in bed by 9.00pm, I do my daily devotionals and my bible verses and read a chapter of two of whatever book I am reading. I usually get about 8 or 9 hours sleep a night.

#15- Slip away for a short break– Every second Wednesday night I have two hours off all to myself at the local Women’s Group which is just starting up.

#16- Soak in the truth of the Scripture– that is the first thing I do each morning, My husband brings me coffee on his way out to work, I spend the first hour of my day with my bible studies, a few short prayers and then research anything I didn’t “get” in today’s scripture. I love the research bit.

#17- Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation– YES!! It’s Officially Spring that means weather is fining up and that means CAMPING!! and I find it so relaxing to sit under the open air and watch the day turn into dusk and the colours change and I just know that God was an artist because who else would think of putting those colours together. Or watching a duck paddle by on a lake where there is nothing bu the breeze in the trees. I love everything about camping!!

So now that we have seen Lisa’s list.. Do you have any that you can add??



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