NaBloPoMo 2014 starts today!

NaBloPoMo_November (1)


So today was Day One of our Camping trip, we are at Willow Bend Caravan park in Wentworth New South Wales. When I left off last night we had set up the camp and gone off to bed… Well then the wind started up and blew outrageously until I hear a panic voice calling “Mum are we going to blow away?”  So I brought his bed, his sleeping bag and pillow and him into our tent. The wind raged, and howled and moaned all night, it was a great Halloween Night!

Then sometime in the early hours the rains came, so, ended our first night. This morning we got up to grey chilly skies and that bloody wind! Its been howling all day!! ive been waking around with my hoodie of my sweater on, not because I am cold, but because my hair is going every which way and driving me insane!

We went for a drive this morning, looked at some shops and wasted some time, did the shopping and explored the area a little bit incase we decide to do some free camping, across the river on the Victoria side.

Back at camp, Will caught two yellow belly fish, they’re undersized so they are always released back into the river carefully, but he admitted he is happy to catch and release. He says if he caught a fish which was big enough to cook and eat he would try it but he doesn’t expect to like it.

tonight we walked into the town to try to find some take away for dinner and instead ended up at the Wentworth Sporting Club, had a very yummy dinner, and I had Salad.. BUT my phone died so I did not get a photo of it… Eeek!! Day #1 of #shewhoramblessalad has not gotten off to a very good start!!



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