NoBloPoMo 2014- Day 2- Desert!

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Willow Bend Caravan Park, Wentworth, New South Wales.

On the banks of the Darling River.

Last night we all slept like proverbial babies.. Why do they have that saying because very few babies actually sleep well?! Woke up this morning to blue skies and sunshine and NO WIND!! Yay! After breakfast and the usual camp clean up, beds made, windows in tents opened and kitchen cleaned we decided to go explore. This is a small town so it doesn’t take long. We did however find the Wentworth Gaol, and although we didn’t go into the Gaol we did look at the gift shop, we will go back though. I also picked up one of those touristy guides, I am a sucker for those things, I like to deconstruct them and stick them into my journal and use the pics of places we went to. So as I was flipping through the guide I found “Perry Sand Hills” sounds interesting right? And it was only 4 Kilometers out-of-town so why not? Off we went (Little back ground here, I LOVE the desert, so when we went on our half “Big Lap” the nearer we got to Uluru the more excited I got about the “desert” I was underwhelmed!! Not disappointed how could anyone ever be disappointed at that beautiful big red rock, but there were no sand dunes or red sand hills at all, it was red sand and scrubby bushes. Not at all like I imagined) then today we drive up this dirt road and I can see in the distance huge towering red sand dunes and already my heart is skipping a beat we found the DESERT!!  Master 12 was underwhelmed to say the least but he went along with it for my sake. UNTIL he saw the size of the dunes and decided to roll down them! Game changed then and it was all fun! I could easily have stayed there for hours, we walked in places no one has ever been, no other footsteps but ours!! Super awesome!!

We took heaps of photos and rolled down the dunes, and walked back up, Will found some “paddy melons” like little yellow greenish watermelons but very bitter not for eating, he used it as a shot put, a football, a soccer ball and however else he could throw it around, we had fun! We even managed to bring some of the red sand home … In Will’s shoes, his pocket, his hoodie, you name it there was red sand in it!!

Then we promised him we’d go and buy him a magazine to read, well, the newsagent here was closed, so we went to the next town of Marebin, it too was closed, so we ended up in Mildura Vic. Found him his “Mad” magazine and came back to camp. I got caught up on my Bible studies and reading my boom “The Daniel Plan” while the boys fished. When we needed a break we walked into town along the river and home via the closed shops, window shopping. I got my 10,000 steps so that makes me happy!!

Tonight we tested out the showers and gave them our stamp of approval, nice pressure and plenty of hot water. We all got a bit of colour today, luckily we brought some Sunscreen for tomorrow. Now its bedtime, and maybe a few pages of my book to be read..

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