NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 6- Last Day here..

NaBloPoMo_November (1)


Darling River, Wentworth, New South Wales.

So today is Day 7 of our camping adventure, and sadly our last night here.  I am not ready to go, I want to stay some more. I mean I only just finished writing my snail mail and posting it all. I havent even started doing any art.. Why? Why I hear you ask? The bloody river is why!! Its hypnotic!

Some new campers arrived a few hours ago, we watched them set up to see if other can do it as fast as us, and I realised the lady had gone missing, oh no, there she was sitting in her camp chair starting out at the river. I wanted to yell at her to warn her “Dont start staring this soon! You’ll never get anything done!” But we must each learn our own lessons, so I shrugged my shoulders and went back to watching the Moorhens duck diving for the fresh water shrimp they love!

Snow White and her companions “Thing one” and “Thing Two” came by, they’re awaiting their daily feed of carp, which we cannot throw back in alive, so we kill them and leave them by “The killing tree” until the ducks arrive, except, we have only caught one today and the Pelican hopped up onto the bank and quick as a wink, the fish was gone, gone, gone!! So now we are desperately trying to catch one more to feed Snow and the Things! I wonder if the other new campers that are here will look after Snow and her companions when I leave tomorrow, I wonder if I should go and tell the campers bout Snows gamy leg and how Thing one and Thing two are her companions and they all three need feeding together. There’s something about camping by a river that just makes you want to adopt the locals.

The fire is crackling away in the fire pit, it’s not cold but the Bloke wanted baked potatoes with our chicken kebab and salad, so you know the old saying… Boys and their toys, happy Bloke happy Sheila!

Today we did the last bit of sightseeing, we crossed the last few places off the list I got from the information center. I am almost out of postcards and just realised I didn’t send one to my Grand babies, bad Grandma, I’ve been seeing them on Facebook each day, is it bad that I don’t miss them as much as I thought I would?!

I finished a book today, one I brought here at the second-hand shop for 50 cents, I just love that somewhere in this world you can buy books for 50 cents still. Another reason to move here, I am making a list, the houses are cheap on big blocks of land, yesterday in the window of the real estate agents, we found a 3 bedroom on 3/4’s of an acre land for only $189,000 amazing! It wasn’t backing onto the river but then in this town the river is 10 minutes walk from anywhere! The supermarket is cheap, well stocked and clean, plus the workers are friendly, the Chemist is efficient and there are two Doctors surgeries, so it has everything we need, including the Police station and the Ambulance service and the Social Club, well, with meals that good, I’d be there at least weekly! Maybe I’ll retire here!!



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