NaBloPoMo- 2014- Day 7… Home Sweet Home

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Home Sweet Home… Home is where you lay your hat.. well last night our hats were laid in a tent in Wentworth New South Wales about 535 kilometers away. It was really hard packing up this morning to come home. The Bloke’s hip is still not right and so he’s hobbling around, so “Star fisher boy” and I tried to help as much as possible even so our usual pack up was much slower.. doesn’t matter we got it done and “On the Road again” by 10;20 am. We had a pretty good run because we stopped for lunch, and then again later for fuel and to stretch our legs and were still home by 4;15pm.

By the time we unpacked most of the car Number One daughter came home with our “Squishy boy”, Will was so excited to see “Squishy” he grabbed him and the excitement on Squishy’s face to see “Uncle Will” was so sweet to see.. then I spoke and he spun around to see “Gramma” and he giggled, he was so excited to see “Grampy” too! I think he missed us and to think, I didn’t want to come home!!

When I finally got to have my cuddle he grabbed my face and pulled me close for a kiss, awww, he really does melt my heart!!


And then I got a phone call from daughter number 2 and in the back ground I could hear my “Sweetpea” fussing so I spoke to her on the phone, I wish we had gone over to see her too..


I can hardly believe these babies are nearly one year old, its gone so fast and yet they feel like they’ve been a part of our family forever.

Yep, Home Sweet Home… home is where my Babies are!


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