Round up on our Camping Trip..

So its Friday night 9;43 pm and we are at home. These photos were on the camera which needed to be uploaded to the lap top so I thought I’d do one more post on our trip as a final round up.

The weather was perfect, yes the first night was a bit blowy..OK, so Star Fisher Son couldn’t sleep he thought he’d be blown away and came into our  tent, these little things are the joys of camping.

OK, So we didn’t get to go to Menindee Lakes which was our “plan” but we are flexible and plans are made to be changed. Menindee is in full crisis mode and drought stricken and I am glad we did not have to witness that. We have so many good memories of Menindee Lakes last November. We will return one day.

OK, So we didn’t get to do “Free camping” for several reasons 1- The Bloke hurt his hip and could hardly move a lot of the trip, so I didn’t see the point of packing up camp and moving it all across the River and then setting it all up again (Blame me, basically I am lazy) 2- We had “location, location, location,” why move and disturb that? 3- I confess I like Hot showers and real toilets but having said that I WILL GO FREE CAMPING!! (one day!)

The Pluses…

  • I did manage to eat salad at least once a day, most days twice.. yes fruit salad counts!
  • Location, Location, Location… river front and less that a kilometer round trip walk into town.
  • Wentworth is such a friendly little town, it’s clean it’s quiet and everyone was chatty and friendly.
  • Weather- remember when we left home we were all sick and coughing up lungs and wishing for death, yeah that! it lasted a day and then moved on!
  • The Desert- I loooove the desert, it was 4 kilometers from our camp! I went twice!
  • I filled up a journal and started a new one!

We were able to just sit and unwind and relax it’s been a busy and sometimes stressful year and so some days I did little more than sit and stare at the Darling River, and feel the aches, pains and stresses ebb away, I had a list of “to do” things, answer my snail mail, do art, do bible journalling, I was hard pressed to do anything, but forced myself to at least do my mail.. and then the lure of the river kicked in and I sat and stared and suddenly hours had gone by.. I could so easily live there! I am thinking retirement on a houseboat and becoming a “River rat” is in my future!

So that is the end of another great camping trip, w are home again, with excited dogs and a clingy cat and an excited “Charlie boy” and a very cute Grand Son.

I wonder who’s feeding Snow white and the Things tonight?!!


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