NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 8- Gardening and Salads

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

So Home Sweet Home- I am using up the last of the salad makings from the pantry and fridge, using them to make interesting salads for  “She Who Rambles Salad a day Challenge”.

As I was cutting up my last tomato I was recalling when the children were little and we made over the back deck garden beds and planted veggies and how excited they were to go out and pick corn, tomato and beans and strawberries. They hated to eat much besides the corn and strawberries so we didn’t bother again. But today as I was cutting up the one lonely tomato and thinking about what other veggies I need to buy tomorrow I thought “Why don’t I plant one tomato plant and pick them as I need them?” So then it leads my mind on wonderful adventures, where to plant them? Not on the back deck the dogs would destroy them, so why not use the front garden bed which apart from my beautiful roses is full of weeds.

So I ran the idea past my Bloke and he said “Let’s go buy some!” So off we went to Big W for another thing and decided to have a look in the garden section, and there I found them, a few lonely punnets of tomato seedlings, we only use Roma, my Bloke has decided that they are the best and so I have never bothered to try anything else. I also did a quick Google search on companion planting I vaguely remember that when we planted the veggies many moons ago we companion planted marigolds and some other bits and pieces, to keep the bugs away from the tomatoes and yes it was marigolds but also parsley, So we brought that too.. although it looks like it’s on it’s last roots and not looking too good, I am hoping it needs a good drink and will come good.

We went to buy one tomato plant and came home with a punnet of Eight Roma’s and one punnet of parsley which has about I think ten plants If I can keep them alive. The Marigolds were no where to be found, so we will try Bunnings or Masters tomorrow for those.

It’s been really hot today, so once the cool change came through I went out and started weeding and clearing up the beds I want to use. The ground is very hard and dry so some good soakings and some water crystals added to the soil, we will also find some horse manure and dig that through. Also I’ve just noticed the area against the neighbors fence where the climbing rose is could use some trellis and some climbing … hmm.. maybe peas and beans. I think also I can probably find some room for some strawberries.

I am going to start small and then add to it slowly. I’m figuring on half an hour of gardening each day to get caught up. So by the time I harvest these veggies the “30 Days of Salad Challenge” will be long over… but I will continue to enjoy it because I’ll be harvesting!!

Anyone reading this have any more suggestions for small gardens and veggies to add?


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