Husband… BEWARE This post might get sloppy!!

Another day.. Another challenge…

Red Hatters Christmas Mordialloc beach 8-12-2012 034_resize               Santa and his Helper

Scarlett 031_resize Becoming a Grandpa

So in my inbox this morning I got Darlene’s last newsletter.. and it struck a chord with me… So I am taking up her challenge (I know RIGHT as if I need another one!!)

Here’s a snippet of what she says..

“Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to bring a little gift of thanksgiving to our husbands!

If you’d like to join me, we’ll start tomorrow November 11th, and we’ll finish on November 25th. I have created a challenge for each day–nothing too big, just small ways to say, “You’re important to me, and I’m thankful for you!” “

OK well in Australia we don’t do “Thanks giving” but I believe that when we are thankful for something or someone we should acknowledge that! So I am putting my hand up for Darlene’s challenge then I looked at the date “EEKK! THAT’s today!” so I quickly sent my beloved a text and asked him “Out of all the meals I’ve ever cooked you what is your favorite?” I knew without a doubt there would be one of at least two possible choices.. Meatloaf or Lasagna (both of which the whole family loves) So his text came back pretty quickly saying “Geeze hun, hard choice but probably meatloaf!” I know my bloke pretty well! So I’m off on a shopping trip to pick up a few requirements to make meatloaf and It’ll have to be made early because I have an art date with my Cousin.. but anyways let me show you what goodies Darlene has coming up for the “15 Days of thanksgiving”



While I am at the shops I’ll get him a gift for tomorrow as well.. Breakfast in bed will be a challenge.. A- he doesn’t do coffee or breakfast in bed and B- its a work morning so he’ll be gone before I am a awake and C- his version of breakfast is a bowl of yogurt… Ok, So Maybe I’ll get up and make his yogurt but not in bed!

# 11 Will be equally as hard since he doesn’t watch TV unless it’s sport and Sport season is over.. maybe I’ll dig out a movie!

and I am really excited for #8 because there is one thing he does exceptionally well and that is kiss… he curls my toes!



Long before I started my walk with the Lord, I knew “Someone” had sent me my Bloke for no other reason than he was so polar opposite from me, and normally we just wouldn’t work, but work we did and I thought maybe it was my Dad looking down from above guiding things, NOPE, now I know it was God because I had lessons to learn that only THIS Bloke could teach me.. things like “practicing discardia” and “never go to sleep angry” Oh how I have hated to lean that one… the other one of mine he’s “fixed” is the silent treatment.. we talk about it now. But most importantly the lesson this Bloke has taught me was “How and Why to be a good wife” and I work on that daily.



Being a Virtuous woman and my favorite “a wife of integrity” are my goals short and long-term!

So if you are interested to find out more about Darlene and her Challenge and her books and just about her thoughts in general pop over and say HI..


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