Day Two of The Daniel Plan & Day Eleven of the Salad Challenge..


More info about “The Daniel Plan”

So today is day two of the detox and yesterday was rough! I’ve done detoxes before so I expected it but it was still hard.

The Daniel Plan focuses on the core food groups of healthy carbs, healthy fats, healthy protein, healing spices, drinks, and super foods. And The Daniel Plan gives an easy guideline to use for any meal:

  • 50 percent non-starchy veggies
  • 25 percent healthy animal or vegetable proteins
  • 25 percent healthy starch or whole grains
  • Side of low-glycemic fruit
  • Drink—water or herbal ice teas 

So basically this is what we are supposed to be doing.. taken from the official website.

Yesterday I really struggled I wanted bread. I KNOW I can’t have bread I have known this for ages, I know how bread affects me it makes me bloat and it makes me lazy and sluggish. When I was pregnant with Star Son, I developed “Gestational diabetes” and was put on a diet not because I was over weight but because my blood sugar was not behaving, so I was told “Cut all whites” sugar, bread, flour, rice, potatoes, pasta,  Oh and skim milk only, you know all the good stuff basically! So I did that and when I became aware of what I was doing wrong I felt much better. For me drinking water has always been an issue. Today I did much better than yesterday, today I walked 1/5 kilometers, more than yesterday, today I got a headache, not as bad as the one from yesterday but enough to let me know it’s there.

Breakfast– Quinoa and cinnamon with almond milk, (straight from the Daniel Plan book!) I didn’t care for it, maybe I’ll try it again with a little less cinnamon or milk or something..

Lunch– Salad from McDonald’s (I know not ideal BUT, at east I didn’t do the burger or chips, I REALLY wanted a kebab, but I prayed for guidance and strength to not break my detox, he answered my prayer and I had a Salad and mango smoothie)

Dinner– Meatloaf with puree Cauliflower (replaced the mashed potatoes) and vegetables.

I didn’t do any snacks, maybe I should have and I’m better prepared because I brought some more fruits and some corn tortillas (they are allowed!) plus some rice paper wrappers to make a salad wrap in!

So all in all I drank more water and I am replacing my coffee morning and nights with Chinese Tea, I am feeling better today than yesterday, I.CAN.DO.THIS!!


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