Day Three The Daniel Plan and Day Twelve Salad Challenge.


Hump day. Halfway through the week, and I’ve made another day of temptations and overcome them all.

Tonight we had the Sunbury Womens group Gathering and everyone brings a plate to share and there are always yummy things like egg lettuce sandwiches and pies and sausage rolls and tonight even drop scones with Jam, and I didn’t have a single bite of anything.. but those egg lettuce sandwiches were calling me names!

breakfast- Banana and Chinese tea

lunch -Meatloaf salad ( also counts for Day 12 of the salad challenge)

dinner -Corn Tortilla with meatloaf and salad, I really couldn’t be bothered, and the corn tortilla tasted like cardboard so I didn’t eat it.

I had a really goo water day 1800 mils not quite as much as I needed to but oh well, more than yesterday. I had more energy until about 2.00 pm and then I slumped, and had an afternoon nap. I thought I was doing really well and had avoided the headache but nope, about 6:30 pm it showed up. And now its 8.22 m and I am so ready for bed!! I know it’s my body detoxing all the bad stuff so I’m OKwith it because I know it’ll pass!

Time to go and do my bible studies.


Meatloaf salad with roasted pumpkin and carrots. Lunch day 12!


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