The Daniel Plan day Five and Salad Challenge Day 14..


Did Anyone notice I didn’t do a salad challenge yesterday? No? Oh good.. phew! Yesterday was a bad eating day, not totally bad just not as excellent as I have been.

Breakfast– Quinoa Bake with maple syrup.. yum!

Lunch– Cesar salad from “Healthy Habits” and it was bloody good too… all that shopping made me work up an appetite!

Afternoon snack– Drumstick of chicken.

Dinner– Mixed salad with a beef sausage.

See not too bad! My water target is within reach and I just walked to the post office box to post an art challenge and so I hit my 10,00 steps target and I am only 300 meters from hitting my yearly target “Walk 400 kilometers” its done with the “Run Keeper App” so once that’s complete I will set myself a new challenge using my “fitbit”!! it will be so much easier to keep track of too.

wpid-imag2686.jpg Lunch from Healthy Habits  wpid-imag2677.jpgBreakfast- Quinoa Bake.


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