NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 15- Heavenly Art!

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Today Lee and I had an art class at the Abbotsford Convent, remember I wrote about Abbotsford Convent last week here:

Today was our Zentangle Class. Of course we have been doing Zentangle for a while out of books and also from you tube clips. But when Lee found this class with Beverley Exell, that was being held at the Convent she suggested we go, and so off we went. How exciting. I was nervous because I like it best when Lee learns all the tricky moves and then breaks it down into easy to follow steps. Well, I was most surprised when Beverley did the exact same thing. We left super early because last week for the open day it took us an hour to get there and we didn’t want to be late, well as it turns out Saturday morning traffic was much kinder and we were there in less than an hour so we had time for a wander we first found the room we were going to be in and then went off to explore. I’m not going to go into all the lovely old blue stone buildings etc etc again, suffice to say I would live there if they’d let me, it’s like a huge oasis in the middle of suburbia and once within those brick walls all the outside walls cease to exist. I wonder if the Sisters in the Convent back in the day felt the same way.

In the end we went to class early.. OK, So we are nerds and we wanted good seats! I also helped set up chairs and things to compensate our earliness. Luckily everyone else was on time and we started promptly. I have to tell you Beverley has the most hypnotic voice I have ever heard  and for a while there I could picture dressed in the sisters habit with her quiet voice and her gentle ways. She has been a teacher and has studied Meditation in India makes her pretty close I think!

I cannot believe how fast the class went, but mostly what I cannot believe is that I completed a zentangle and it looked how it was supposed to and not only that when all of our pieces were put together mine fit in perfectly. Beverley had the tables set up with a little calico bag and a Lindt balls chocolate yum! She knows the way to her students hearts! We got to look through Beverley’s photo album and learn about her training, she took all her life savings and went to Rhode Island in America for a four-day course to become a qualified Zentangle teacher. And right away Lee and I are adding up how long it would take us to save up the money and go away and spend four days becoming qualified Zentangle teachers! Maybe I’d best finish my Moore Art Instructor course first!

I have always enjoyed playing with Zentangle and have created a few bits and pieces with Zentangle, but now I officially LOVE IT!!

We are eagerly awaiting Beverley’s next classes, one is the next level of tangles, another s tangling on black card in white pen and another is Renaissance Zentangles, so brownish card stock with black and red inks. I am so excited. You can find out more about Beverley’s Work on her website at:

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 15- Heavenly Art!

  1. Oh my goodness Kim. What a beautiful write up of our class together. You write so well. And thank you for your kind comments on my teaching. I love teaching and are so happy to be able to teach again. And especially sharing a subject that brings so much joy and opens people to undiscovered possibilites.

    And I’m smiling and glowing about your comments on picturing me as a Sister at the Convent. I was only sharing with someone recently that as a child I often wished to be a Nun. I so admired their calm and generous ways and passionate devotion. And I wasn’t even catholic 🙂 Much fun!

    I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know a little more about you. ‘Till our next meeting – cheers Beverley.

    And of course – happy tangling and creating 🙂

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