The Daniel Plan and Salad Challenge Tuesday…



I am tired today, I know I haven’t had enough water but I am tired.. I am weary and then I get emotional.. I’m tired..

Breakfast– Fruit juice, I had some fruit that was starting to look a bit limp (Much like I feel) So I got the Bloke to drag in the juicer and I juiced a pear, an apple, 8 strawberries and some floppy celery and added a tablespoon of LSA (Linseed, Sunflower and Almond) to the mix. Very yummy. I learnt this trick from the Liver detox diet from Sandra Cabot.

Snack– Some almonds and dried cranberries

Lunch- I attempted to make an omelette.. I have an omelette pan that my Dad gave me a gazillion years ago, but today my mind was wandering and I forgot to spray it with the olive oil, so the omelette stuck and ended up looking like scrambled eggs with tomato, capsicum, celery and mixed beans. it didn’t look pretty but it sure tasted good. Remember no dairy products so I mixed the eggs with water a trick I learnt from BodyTrim.

Snack- Some almonds and dried cranberries (again) they’re yum!

Dinner- The Blokes had spaghetti and my family love my spaghetti, so I was disappointed to miss out but then I remembered another Body Trim recipe Geoff Jowlett told us just because you can’t eat pasta doesn’t mean you have to miss out.. so we steam some finely chopped cabbage and serve that in place of pasta, so I did that on a bed of mixed salad greens and called it “Spaghetti Salad!” YUMMMMMY!!

So another day of great food… not so good with the steps (F..itness) but up on the (F…aith) I learnt how to do “Verse Mapping” (F…un) and I spent two hours playing with that and loved it.. we used John 3:16 as an example.. one I had not previously read! So three of the Five F’s is a good effort!

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