The Daniel Plan and Salad Challenge.. day 19


Today I went out of the house and remained Daniel Plan compliant.. yay me!

Breakfast– Juiced two oranges, an apple and a pear. Mixed that with a tablespoon of LSA.

Lunch– Salad from KFC and it was with grilled chicken too.. who knew KFC sold salad?

Snack– Almonds and Cranberries

Dinner– I had left over spaghetti sauce from last night so I used some corn tortillas and made a lasagna minus the cheese or white sauce. Surprising enough it tasted good and looked ok and I had mine with salad.

So totally compliant day and I’ve also had more water today I’m up to 1.8 liters so far and it’s only 7.29pm

The biggest news is I’ve been using the “Run Keeper” app on my phone, not that I run anywhere but it tracks all my steps and so I made a New Years Resolution last year to walk 400 kilometers…. drum roll please.. can I have some cymbals too?

TODAY I walked the 400th Kilometer plus a few more.. I’m up to 406.1 at the moment and still have 44 days of the challenge left!! So now I have a Fit Bit and it counts every step I take so next year I will set myself a goal using my Fit Bit. I am so proud of myself.


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