NaBloPoMo 2014- A years gone by…

NaBloPoMo_November (1)

Today twelve months ago my whole life changed, it was a huge momentous occasion, my daughter became a Mother and I became Grand…Mother..

I know a lot of women would cringe to think about becoming a Grandmother, ekk, they’ll be old. For me age has never been an issue, it doesn’t bother me, the grey hairs come, I call them my strands of wisdom and the wrinkles around my eyes mean that I have laughed. Age does not scare me, its inevitable, we are all born and we all die of that the world is certain.

When my daughter found out she was pregnant I was excited, a new baby, another generation, my baby having a baby. Her situation was not ideal, single, pregnant, no job, still living at home, some might have suggested she not keep the baby, but NO! I know that what God makes is perfect and it’s all HIS timing, and HE does NOT make mistakes, doesn’t Psalm 139 tell us so? Let’s read…

Psalm 139:15-  My ⌊frame⌋ was not hidden from you,
when I was created secretly,
and intricately woven
in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my embryo,
and in your book they all were written—
days fashioned for me when there was not one of them.

So even before my daughter had her daughter it was all planned, and I have had comments made about her daughter being “an accident” and  “a mistake”  but I never looked at the unexpected pregnancy that way. I looked at it as our family growing, and the funny thing about love is no matter how much you think you have there’s always more waiting to be used up, it comes bubbling up from some deep underground well.

So I supported my daughter, I went to every Doctor appointment, every blood test, every ultrasound, I saw that she was a girl before my daughter knew what she was looking at, I announced “We are having a girl” of course he would not confirm it then but I knew. Because My daughter’s Grandmother had a girl first, then I had a girl first, and now she’s had a girl first, family blood lines.

The day my Grand daughter was born was the happiest, scariest, most emotional day of my life. My Bloke had been away in China for 10 days and had told my daughter’s bump “Do NOT come out till I get home” and she heard him, because he was back in the country nine hours before she arrived. We went into the hospital for a check up she was three days early, we were not totally sure she was in labour but I ” felt” that she was, so off we went, the Dr announced she was staying and in active labour.

Eight hours later, this tiny bundle arrived. My daughter had a good pregnancy and a good labour for the most part, but the ending wasn’t really very good, and so in the end this little girl child was delivered and handed to me “Here Grandma hold this” they said while they worked on my daughter, she lost a lot of blood, and a thought flashed through my head “do women still die in child-birth in this day and age?” It was scary. I prayed that she would be ok and I held this tiny pink bundle who stared up at me and stared with such intent, I felt like she had been here before, and I knew that whatever happened in her life, I was gong to do everything in my power to keep her safe.

I spent the first night with my “Girls” and all the next day until the Bloke was finished work and could come pick me up. I got to spend time bonding with my Grand baby and I fell in love with her more than I ever imagined I would.

Today my Sweetpea turned one and I spent the day with her, smothering her in love and kisses, she doesn’t mind it and she likes to lie in my arms and listen to me sing to her, we sing “Mocking bird” and “Sweet pea” and she still stares intently. She’s one, I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone, so many firsts in her tiny life, first bath, first needle, first medication, first fever, first trip to the hospital, first solid foods, first tooth, first sleep in the cradle, first sleep in the cot, first walk in her pram, first Santa photo, so many firsts for my precious girl. And Grandma has been there for all of them. Tonight she had her first birthday, Grandma cooked her Roast Lamb and potatoes and gravy and roast pumpkin, and carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, and Grandma also baked her a cake and decorated it and put on a first candle and the whole family enjoyed her.

If this small Girl child is a “mistake” she’s the best mistake I have ever met! In two weeks we will do it all again for Scarlett’s cousin Chase, but you’ll have to come back and read that story then!

Happy First Birthday Scarlett Olivia, Grandma loves you more than all the grains of sand…

 Psalm 139:17- And to me, how precious are your thoughts, O God;
how vast is their sum.
18 If I should count them,
they would outnumber the sand.

Like my love for my Scarletta!!

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