Daniel Plan day 14…. and while I’m at it… Salad challenge day 24..


Sunday- Away at our holiday place..

Breakfast– I had a banana and a handful of almonds.

Lunch- KFC Salad with grilled strips. We had just gotten home from our travels. **Salad Challenge**

Dinner– Steak, Eggs and a few chips, My husband cooks the best chips!

Monday- Banana and cashew nuts

Lunch- Salad with left over roast lamb, beans, tomato, grated beetroot and stale corn tortilla chips crumbled over the top (my version of croutons)

Snack- Dried Cranberries and a few nuts.

Today is my second week of The Daniel Plan and I am doing well, in fact cruising through the super market last night I found so many “DP” complaint foods I contemplated staying on this program forever. As I brought some Quinoa which was not only red AND black it was also Organic!! So it’s not as hard as I first imagined to be Daniel Plan complaint, and I am actually enjoying the challenge.

This weekend I had hurdles to over come. I’ve always told my family that I would never ask them to join me, most times my long-suffering Bloke will try a meal or two, but then again I have never done anything this drastic, detox with no glutens, no coffee, no sugar and no dairy. So I am more than happy to go along alone, because it’s for me I am doing this and no one else. So this weekend we went to our holiday place in St.Leonards and they have an awesome bakery with the best Pies and sausage rolls and pasties. So my challenge was to watch and smell the Blokes eating a typical lunch from the bakery, while I was eating salad with canned chicken with pesto and pine nuts. I walked out of the room and cleaned out the front of the van while they ate.. hey it’s only so much torture a body can take! For dinner we had “fish ‘n’ chips.” I had grilled fish and a mixed salad, so I didn’t stray from my compliance with “DP

So this morning marks two weeks, so I decided to weigh myself and see if there was any movement, boy was I surprised I am now 72 Kgs so that means I am down three kilos, I got on and off the scales three times to check. So I thought Well let’s push it a bit further and do the measurements as well. Another delightful surprise.. My arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs all lost an inch!! All except the place I most wanted to lose the weight my stomach!! So three kilos and five inches, I’ll take that thank you very much!!

wpid-imag2820.jpg         Making “Quinoa Bakes” for breakfast                                          wpid-imag2819.jpg         Lunch time Salad- Left over Lamb

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