NaBloPoMo 2014- Day 25…. Fare thee Well

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Today we fare-welled a gentle woman, a lovely woman who was a Wife for Fifty-Nine years, Mother  to three sons, Grand Mother Five times, and Great Grandmother four times, Mother-in-law and Friend to all who met her. Maybe you read the blog I posted last week about this lovely lady, here it is again just in case you missed it..

So I am talking about “Grandma Florrie” I called her that around my children whose cousins were Grandma Florrie’s grandchildren, she was happy to be everyone’s Grandma!

Today, two of her sons made beautiful speeches that made us laugh and cry and smile fondly, and I was proud to have known such a beautiful woman. I have long wanted to go into that church its old and majestic like Florrie and stand on the corner very proudly, so out of all the Churches I was glad the ceremony was going to be there. Maybe ceremony is the wrong word but we did celebrate her life. The Grand Children and Sons all brought something up to the casket that meant something to them and Florrie, my niece Sarah had a beautiful painting which is turned out was the small village she grew up in, in Northern Ireland, she moved to England to become a nurse when she was in her teens and met her soon to be Husband a solider during the war while she was nursing.

I knew most of that from reading her book that I told you about in the other earlier post. But hearing her son speak about it today brought it all back. What I didn’t know was that she was very religious, I guess back when I was interacting with Florrie “religion” wasn’t something openly discussed, My Mother-in-law was Catholic and her family raised that way and back then I was “nothing” so I kept right out of any kind of “religious” discussions. I think now that I am starting my “Walk with the Lord” I can better understand some of the discussions about religion and so sitting in the Anglican church today I was better able to enjoy the service, the prayers, John 11:25, 1 Corinthians 2:9, Psalm 23, Romans 6:3-9  the hymn “Abide with me” and the order of service, I, as yet don’t attend Church so it’s still all new, but today I appreciated the whole thing a lot more. Today instead of just pretending to say the “Our Father” I was actually able to repeat it and know and understand what it meant.

See! My bible studies are coming in handy!

I still find myself however like a little girl in a candy store, ogling over the stained glass windows and the marble and the beautifully inscribed verses on the beams and on the windows etc, lots of gold and beautiful flowers, even sitting in the last row (WE had babies and might have had to make a quick exit) I was able to enjoy all of the “Churchiness” I wished that I was not at a funeral so I could snap some photos, but my phone was turned firmly OFF! Luckily I found the website and I found some photos to share with you all. And here are some details about the beautiful “Holy Trinity Anglican Church” taken from the above listed website.


An Anglican place of worship probably existed in Bacchus Marsh from 1847, with visits by itinerant preachers, and the first church building, a prefabricated iron church, was soon erected in 1851 to be the centre for Anglican worship in the emerging community. Holy Trinity Anglican Parish was one of the first ten parishes in Victoria.

Captain William Henry Bacchus came from England and after buying livestock in Van Diemen’s Land and settled in the valley named after him in 1838. The land on which the first iron church and the present stone church were built was donated by William Bacchus, son of Captain W H Bacchus.


This was the beautiful Stained glass window we sat beside and below is details about it.

Molesworth Greene.

Died October 10, 1916, Aged 89 years. Windows depicting the resurrection were placed in the nave by Mr W. P. Greene in memory of his father, and were unveiled on January 7, 1919.

Emma Greene.

Died March 5, 1905, aged 76 years. Windows depicting Faith and Charity erected in the jubilee year of the church, 1905, by her husband Molesworth Greene.

So although we said fare thee well to Florrie today, she will never be far from those who love her, the Priest Rev. Darrell Couch, remarked how she would often pray for her family and that they should know how much they were loved. I think that says it all.

Sleep well Florrie xo


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